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  1. One of the top 5 most fun arcs I’ve read this year!

  2. Hang on . . . so this has the Cobra one shot from a month or two ago??

  3. I believe that’s what it’s referring to as the "Xamot and Tomax follow-up".

  4. What a great series.

  5. You forgot the exclamation mark.

    Wasn’t sure what that one shot was called and I am not familar with the characters so I wasn’t sure.

  6. I probably won’t pick this up this week. But this is one of the greatest gijoes, I have read. Such a great ending to it too.

  7. This was a fantastic story. I’d love to see more in this vein, but I’d hate to tarnish what they’ve already done with it if they didn’t keep the quality up. Brilliant stuff.

  8. I cannot recommend this more highly.

  9. I was really impressed at how good this was.  Who would have thought a G.I. Joe comic could be this good.  I’d almost want to see this be a regular series.  It was a bit of Sleeper with some of The Losers (both in terms of writing and art), and then throw in some James Bond for good measure.  Anyone who poo-poos this deserves a smack.

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