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  1. This SHOULD be awesome.  Any chance we see Chuckles, again?

  2. I guess this is my last GI Joe book.  The others can’t even come close to touching the greatness of this title.

  3. @stuclach-I wish.  But something tells me this will focus on the baddies instead.

    I loved the mini, so I think I’ll be picking this up.

  4. Completely agreed with Odds.  I dropped the other titles.

  5. @drakedangerz – I will hope for a cameo.

  6. This mini was fucking awesome!  I cannot wait to read this.  Two more days…….

  7. So looking forward to this.

  8. The 4 issue mini was the best mini these eyes have read in loooooooongggg time. If you have any place in your heart for 80’s GI JOE lore your mind will be blown away. So damn good! Can’t wait for this bad boy….

  9. That was palindrome-tastic.

  10. I want another mini series after reading this.  Anyone know if one has been mentioned?

  11. Gage mentioned a cover for GI Joe Cobra II #2 on twitter, so I’m guessing they’re working on another.

  12. Excellent.

  13. I think I’ll be waiting for the trade on the next mini.  I’m certain I’ll enjoy it, so I’d rather have that thing of beauty on my self rather than in my box.

  14. This was an awesome book.  Just shy of GL for my pick of the week.

  15. I really loved that G.I. Joe the Rise of Cobra Movie I’m sure to buy this comic book.

  16. So it turns out that Mike Costa is the writer on the new ongoing Transformers series from IDW…. kickass

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