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  1. I’m pretty excited to see what they will do in the last 2 issues of AE. I wish more people were reading this.

  2. I know that IDW has the license after this, but I wonder if DD is really going to END this continuity and then IDW will have to start over?

  3. I agree that more people should be reading this; I have been saying that since this arc started. I hadn’t heard that IDW got the license after this but I am kind of disappointed because DD has been doing such a good job with the license. I’m sure I will still read it over at IDW but it just means the book will have a higher price with less content and probably more emphasis on the art than the story like all the Transformers stuff they put out (which I also buy out of habit and nostalgia).

  4. If the continuity is going to end it would make sense to do it somewhat the same way the Marvel series ended, and then re-start it like when Image and DDP got the license.

    Is the IDW license confirmed yet? I have never read any of their comics – any advice on whether they are any good?

  5. As far as IDW goes in my experience it is either hit or miss. In all honesty most of the Transformers stuff they put out is crap (lots of fancy art, little story and low page count for 3.99). But then again they are the ones behind the 30 Days of Night stuff which I have enjoyed most of as well as a great new horror-comedy book called Everybody’s Dead (think Animal House meets Shawn of the Dead; it’s only at issue 3 thus far and back issues shouldn’t be hard to come by if interested). Other than that I can’t say I have read much. IDW books all tend to be 3.99 which sucks but always have great paper quality and production (they look good).

    So basically, if they do actually have the GI Joe license (this is the first i’ve heard) it would be worth giving a shot or at least picking up the trade later. I just hope they would do a better job than they do with Transformers (but then again I get lost in most Transformers stuff I read in comics, I should just stick to the classic cartoon).

  6. I’m excited to see how this end but sad to see that it does appear the next issue is the last GI Joe book from DD Publishing. Looks like it is up to IDW to continue (or restart) what has been done so well for the past few years.

  7. I am waiting for the TPB for the WWIII storyline.  I was also concerned that DD wouldn’t finish the run because of the license change.

  8. I am not familier with IDW and I do hope that they do a clean restart.  Reloaded by Devil’s Due was setting up to be great and it is hard for new readers and old readers to enjoy plot twists when they either are contrary to the continuity or so bland that they shouldn’t even be called twists.  If they stick with the continuity and Storm Shadow switches sides even one more time then I will burn the whole collection.  That being said I am a big fan of the Ultimate Universe in Marvel, I like it when I can manage to read/afford all the books that affect the characters that i am following.

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