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  1. I hope my store get the Ben Templesmith "incentive" cover that I requested. Stormshadow and Snake Eyes never looked so cool. I have high hopes for this one. If you are a Joe fan and haven’t read the WWIII storyline that Devil’s Due Publishing finished their run of G.I. Joe with I highly recommend you find the trade. IDW has big shoes to fill in my opinion but I think the title is in good hands with Hama.

  2. Go Joe!!!  I love that they are rebooting the whole franchise.  A fresh new start that has me giddy with glee!  I can’t wait to see what IDW’s plans are.

  3. I am super excited that IDW gets a chance to reboot this franchise.  Devil’s Due did a great job but they suffered from the long, complicated series history.  I look forward to good character depictions and excitng stories between JOEs and Cobras.  I have faith that IDW has put the effort in to give us characters that we will grow to care about. 

    I also hope that this reboot by IDW will be supported by HASBRO with their own high quality 3.5 inch toys.  The 25th anniversary toy line is amazing and I love the old guys, don’t get me wrong, but it would be awesome if they started producing new JOEs based on these books with new exciting vehicles.  So long as they match the product quality of the 25th anniversary line.  Sigma 6 wasn’t the worst reincarnation ever, but the toys were brutal.  That said, book looks awesome, I will get ever variant I can get my hands on and Wednesday night can’t come soon enough.

  4. I feel like I am 12 years old again

  5. I think I’m gonna give this a shot.

  6. How can you not try this for $1?  A reboot is exactly what this franchise needs… hopefully they do it right.

  7. For what it was, a $1 lead in, this was really well done.  It managed to get me interested in all three arcs and I will most likely buy the first couple of issues of each title.  Isn’t the cobra one only a mini though?

  8. Ya the Cobra is a mini from what the press releases have said, and the origins books will be written by G.I. Joe writing legend Larry Hama.  

  9. This was an incredible read – I am psyched for the series to get started

  10. I agree, just read it, loved it…..and I am super psyched for IDW’s run.  If this is any indication off the quality we can expect than G.I. Joe fans can be very very happy.

  11. I loved this!!  Problem is, I was only planning on picking up the regular G.I.Joe book.  Now I want to pick up all three when they hit.  My wallet will hate me.

  12. Is Roadblock now Heavy Duty? Back in the day of the toys there were two characters, one Roadblock and the other Heavy Duty. Now, because of the movie I see a lot of attention on Heavy Duty, which is cool. Yet, in the back of this issue there are sketches and preview art and the artist says that the Heavy Duty is based on Heavy Duty v2, which looks an awful lot like the 2nd figure of Roadblock, with the vest thing. Just wondering, it seems weird, I don’t remember a V2 of Heavy Duty as a toy. 

  13. @Nate: I was thinking the same thing. I remember Heavy Duty having hair (I think) and that drawing definitely looked like Roadblock to me. It’s too bad cuz I always loved Roadblocks rhymes, but then again I don’t think that is the direction they are taking the books cuz as they said probably won’t be seeing Cobra-La anytime soon.

    I think I am most excited for the Cobra book because it stars my favorite Joe, Chuckles. Every since the GI Joe movie with him trowing a missile at a Corba Hiss tank and shooting a pistol while riding on top of a helicopter, plus the Hawaiian shirt he has been the top Joe on my list. I love the Chaykin cover for the 1st issue with him on it.

    All 3 books look to be distinct from one another and yet tied together. This is shaping up to be a good thing I think. I hope IDW has plans to release the Marvel stuff (like they are doing with Transformers) so I can finish my run that I started with the Marvel released trades back in the late 90s early 2000s. 

  14. GI Joe: Cobra looks fantastic, and was my favorite of the previews.  Definitely going to be reading all three books, though I’m curious as to how Origins is gonna play out.

    I wonder if, once Cobra is done, they’ll start another mini-series around another character or idea.  Could be a good idea.

  15. @Sunnyvale Trash-Is the Cobra book supposed to be a mini?  I thought it was an ongoing.

  16. I’ve been hearing mini from a few places.  Haven’t seen anything official though.

  17. @drakedangerz- everything points towards a mini for the Cobra series, but that just leads me to believe that they will be doing more mini’s in the future which could be a very cool why to include favourite characters that get left out of the main book.  I am ok with that, I totally think that Devil’s Due was right in ending their 1st Joe run and starting America’s Elite because the team got too big and the stories way to complex.  I am not a fan of seeing an issue where a character, any character shows up for just a single panel, or for just the group shot.  

    I liked the WW3 story but it suffered from that big time, but doing snapshots around the world of tiny groups of joes in different places.  It was neat to see the scope of the confilct but also the story suffers than because you have wasted pages.  Just my opinion. 

  18. Is this essentially like Ultimate G.I. Joe?  I guess all the continuity of the old series is out the window, huh.  That’s kind of a bummer.  I just hope it works (I need to pick it up this week).  I remember the re-launch Devil’s Due had, and it was not so great.

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