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GI JOE #18

What starts as a desert survival exercise for the Joes turns into a fight for survival, with COBRA soldiers sent to find the Pit. Unarmed and out of communication, Covergirl, Downtown, and Tripwire must outwit, outlast, and outkill COBRA’s best if they want to stay alive and prevent the disclosure of the Pit’s secret location. The start of an all-new storyline, featuring art by Alex Cal (G.I. Joe Origins: Mainframe).

Chuck Dixon (w)

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.2%


  1. That isn’t exactly the most enticing character lineup I’ve ever seen.

  2. True, but you know what?  This series has continually surprised me by how its been able to turn relatively lame Joes into compelling characters.  I have to hand it to Mr. Dixon.  All I want to know now is when Shipwreck is going to get his major star turn.

  3. @ctrosejr – That’s true.  It has certainly showcased some minor characters in an interesting way.

  4. This series has been very good.  It is definitely taking its time by telling smaller stories like this but they are good and I am going to keep on buying.

  5. This was a very solid issue.

  6. isn’t 20/40 vision worse than 20/20 vision?  That is my understanding… I am pretty sure Ted Williams is reported to have had 20/10 vision. It’s a nit-pick, I know but I had to say something to somebody.

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