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  1. Honestly, I’ve lost interest in this.  Was really loving Aaron on GR, and then this one just kinda felt too dragged out.

  2. I’ve been liking this but not loving it. It could have been done in 4 issues. But then how would they sell it as a trade.

  3. @Granturk- you might be right.  perhaps Aaron is cramming to much into his swan song.

  4. I think I would have enjoyed this much better as a trade instead of issues.

  5. This should have been the final arc of the title and condensed enough to sell for $2.99. It reads like a decompressed bloated version of what would have been the last three issues.

  6. I’m looking forward to the conclusion.  The deck was cleared of most of the superfluous characters and plot threads.  Next issue should be straight-up Ghost Riders vs. Zadkiel goodness.

  7. I’ve loved this run of Ghost Rider and the art has been fantastic throughout but the story has been poorly set up since the suck-fest of Daniel Ways run and I can’t help but feel Jason’s Aaron’s been making the best of what he’s been handed to work with. The best issues by far in the current run have been the self-contained tony moore issues that had that old school GR flavour. I’d except a messy retcon of this Zadkiel rubbish to get Johnny back to the Circus. He could take Danny with him to teach the city boy the carny life. And most of all I want Zarathos back! Make it happen.

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