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  1. Im way excited to continue this story… The last issue was awesome although every issue seems to bear down on me as we come closer and closer to Jason Aaron leaving GR. That’ll be a sad day.

  2. When this is done, I will contemplate getting the entire Aaron run bound.

  3. Yep, totally agree with you guys here. Aaron’s Ghost Rider run has been great and this finale arc seems to have pulled out all the stops. I hope we see the Deacon kick some ass, that guy is just insane.

  4. I picked up on this series with the Tony Moore’s issues. How is Aaron’s run previous to that?

  5. @cactus – Just as good.  The art is quite different than what Moore brought, but it has the same feel.  I think you should go back and grab the trades or singles.  It’ll make for a nice little run when it’s all wrapped up.

  6. @cactus Bouncing off @SVT, I have his first six issues in trade and haven’t read them, but his "War for Heaven" arc was pretty good and his Tony Moore work was amazing. It’s really great stuff…

  7. I have not been disappointed with ANYTHING that Aaron has written yet (Ghost Rider and others). If you like this pick up his work on Wolverine, Scalped, and The Other Side. Looking forward to his upcoming run on the new Punisher Max series with Steve Dillon on art. He might give Garth Ennis a run for his money.

  8. …all that, and he kicked continuity’s ass with this run

  9. @dork37 – I too am a huge Aaron fan, and am excited for the Punisher MAX run.  However, as much I liked Preacher, I don’t think Dillon is a good match for the title.  Maybe Aaron will have a different tone in his writing that will match Dillon’s art though.  Excited nonetheless.

  10. I agree that Dillon might not be a good match for Aaron but I did really love what he did with Ennis. We will see…

    I love that they are putting a letters page in this book and the old Ghost Rider story as well, hope they continue until the end. Makes it worth the 3.99 for me.

  11. Awesome issue.. once again aaron delivered.

  12. I’ve never really read Ghost Rider before Jason Aaron’s run and I don’t think I want to. Everything I want out of the character, Aaron has provided. It’s badass and fun.

  13. Good issue here, and it’s good to have Boschi back (though I’ve liked all the artists on Aaron’s run).

  14. Finally some awesome Ghost Rider comics.

  15. This was friggin’ awesome. 

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