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  1. The last issue was great.

    Anyone know at what # Aaron is leaving?

  2. I wish Aaron and Moore would do this for a long time, even if it became a 9x a year book.

  3. I think this is Aaron’s last issue.  They haven’t solicited this book for June or July.  The trade comes out in August.

  4. What a bummer… only 3 Tony Moore issues?

  5. If that is the case, I’m done with this book after this issue . . . but I thought Aaron was staying a little longer on the title.

  6. Jason Aaron’s not done with Ghost Rider yet. The series is going on hiatus so the trades can come out to let readers get a chance to catch up.  The series will then return as a miniseries, and that will be the arc that wraps up Aaron’s run on Ghost Rider.

  7. i’m very curious about who is taking over.

  8. I thing aaron is leaving since marvel plans on ending the book soon. At lest Arron will be doing that min series (draw back: it bumping up to 3.99. Damn Marvel!! )

  9. they are canceling IT!!! why must they can every good book they are puting out. NOO.

  10. i dont think they are canceling the book only putting it on hold as far as i know.

  11. From what I have heard they are ending the book. Doing a 6 issue mini-series with Aaron writing to tie up all the loose ends and then possibly starting at #1 all over again or just canceling it all together. Either way I will be waiting for the trade of the mini as it will be 4 bucks an issue. For some reason I am OK paying that much for an IDW or other indie book but not Marvel. I think Image and Dark Horse made a good decision by raising their prices to 3.50 instead of 4. For some reason I am much more willing to pick up a book at that price. (Shrug).

  12. yep that was the last. now we got to wait till August for the min to start and pay 4.00 for it (damn marvel!)

  13. Great issue but man that’s an awful cover.

  14. I love Suydam’s art but I agree that this cover was disappointing. I would love to see his version of Skin-Bender.

    This issue was good but I think it might have been better as 2 issues for some reason. I just felt it could have been "fleshed-out" (hehe) more. 

  15. wow, yeah.  this cover didn’t do the issue justice at all

  16. This issue was pretty fucked up (in a good way). Have really liked this whole arc.

  17. The second issue of this "arc" with Moore was the best of the three. And when I saw the best of the three, I mean it kicked ass.

    I was disappointed in this issue and should have rated it a 2. It had some cool stuff, especially the second part of the book, but overall it didn’t come together for me.

    Actually, I’m going to go and change my rating from a 3 to a 2.

  18. I wish Moore and Aaron would stay on this for a long time, even if it was only a 9x a year book.

  19. ….

    The minute I saw this "villain" I thought "where have I seen this before…?" then I remembered that old Sailor Moon manga -_-…. which is really saying something about the trash I read sometimes….

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