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  1. I’m so glad Ghost Rider is good again.  I’ve always been really nostalgiac about the Howard Mackie/Mark Teixeira run of the early 90’s, its nice to be excited about the GR mythos again

  2. Before Aaron was writing this, I think I had read about 2 or 3 Ghost Rider issues EVER. So, it’s pretty suprising for me to be reading Ghost Rider & liking it so much. It’s awesome right now,

  3. Only reason I started reading was Aaron.   Glad I did.

  4. and by that I mean reading in general.  He showed me the joy of literacy.

  5. I haven’t read this series in about fifteen issues. I had no idea what was going on here, other than the basics: Danny Ketch has become some sort of Uber Ghost Rider and he wants to steal Johnny Blaze’s Ghost Rider stuff. That sounds pretty sweet, right? Well they’ve made it even sweeter with this Tan Eng Huat fellow on art. His stuff is detailed, fluid, and a little bit like Leinil Yu. Definitely going to be paying more attention to him.

    Excellent book. Surprised the shit out of me.

  6. Great read.  Loved the last page reveal.

  7. Aaron’s doing to Ghost Rider what Brubaker and Fraction did to Iron Fist.

     And I fucking love it.

  8. Ghost rider is finnaly great!  after all this time and long waiting.  the book was going nowhere before Aaron came on.  now it is flying like a Hell Bike! (heh, heh)

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