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  1. Would this be a good place for a new reader to jump on?

  2. Well, it’s part one of a new arc, so probably.

  3. I don’t think you’ll be completely lost.  But I would wait for the first Jason Aaron trade to jump on.

  4. I’m going to take the plunge and jump onboard with this issue.

  5. Sod waiting for the trades, I jumped on issue #26 and haven’t looked back yet. (and currently I have no idea what went on in Aaron’s first arc)

    This is a surprise must read for me, and there is no way in hell that I could ever wait for a trade on such an awesome book!

  6. This issue and arc is gonna be awesome. This has been building up and finally seeing Zadkiel in the last issue was just great. Count me in.

  7. I jumped on last issue and was shocked by how much I loved it.  Jason Aaron is a wild animal that needs to be caged

  8. $3.99? I bet ya that extra dollar in the price tag that the "backup feature" is shite & Marvel is bleeding the Aaron fans while he’s on the book. I’d protest & skip this issue if the book wasn’t kicking so much baboon ass right now.

    Dammit, I’m the type of sucker this type of ploy is aimed at …

  9. This was my first issue and I was very impressed.

  10. i dont think i can praise Jason Aaron any more than i have.  He is a great writer and is doing an awsome job.  i love his work on ghost rider.  But all this i have already said…

    Mr. Aaron, keep up  the good work.

  11. Bought the back issues of Aaron’s GR run; I read SCALPED, but questioned his superheroes take.  It has been awesome, and I never was interested in GR. 

    I like everything he has been doing, from his 2 recent Hellblazers, Black Panther (which is another title I was never interested in), get mystique, wolverine one-shot.  Would love to see him take over hellblazer if diggle weren’t doing such a bang-up job.

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