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  1. Jason is the only person on this book with a pronouncable name.

    I’m living Tan Eng Huat’s art.

  2. I love that this book feels like a Vertigo book in the Marvel Universe.  Under Jason Aaron, this book is a fun and campy good time and not enough people are reading GR.      

  3. This is one of my favorite books every month, especially now that Huat is on the art. He actually gives the book an entirely different feel and Aaron is running an awesome story line. Cant wait to see where everything is headed.

  4.  Really looking forward to reading Ghost Rider every month. Whodathoughtit! Mr Aaron we salute you!

  5. I picked this up on a whim because I was so pumped for the new Scalped issue and wanted some more Jason Aaron.  Why the fuck didn’t anyone tell me it was this good!  5 Stars

  6. i almost gave this 3 stars ( 3 1/2 ) but the letter column pushed it up to 4. i was reading it on the toliet and the letter from "easy eric" made me think of some fucked up dude i would meet in a bar and end up smoking a joint with in his custom painted el camino. i’m assuming his girlfriend can be "a real fuggin bitch sometimes ya know"

    also, not knowing much of the history of ghost rider doesn’t ruin the story at all. i have the glow in dark cover issue, because glow in the dark is awesome, and a couple issues from discount bins. but, overall i have no knowledge of ghost rider’s back story. the letter column also helped with my lack of character knowledge.

    all hail the letter page.

    "introduce hot women for johnny so more women will read" ha ha nuff’ said.

  7. @Cutty! Welcome man! This book rocks non stop so dont miss it again!

  8. Aaron is owning this book.   Pure fun every month.

  9. The epilogue was ridiculous

  10. Hell yeah! Kung-Fu nuns & vampires! You gotta dig this. I’m even into the art now, after almost dropping this run because of it. Like a wart on an old woman’s ass — t’s grown on me.

  11. @cutty: EVERYTHING Aaron touches is gold. If you are enjoying Scalped and Ghost Rider I would also recommend The Other Side (Vertigo), Wolverine:Get Mystique Arc and his current 3 issue arc on Black Panther (2 issues have already come out). That should be a good start. Oh and his Joker Asylum:Penguin one-shot was AWESOME. If it says Aaron I am buying it.  

  12. this book is great.  for a long time reader of Ghost Rider almost everypage seems to be referencing to back history.  But the story is writen in a way that isnt that important.  aaron is doing an exelent job of making everyone happy.

  13. that epilogue is bad-arse! that last page reveal

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