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  1. This is almost my given POW without even reading it. I love the story and the art is way better than last arc.

  2. New arc?  It might be worth a shot.

  3. New arc? – Yep.

    New penciller? – Nope … but I wish it did. I can’t stand this guy’s style. But, it’s Jason Aaron, so the story makes it worth reading.

  4. Great fight scene.  Loved what happened to The Orb, made me cringe in pain.

  5. Just when you think this book can’t be more fun — they add a zombie ninja!

    I never thought I’d describe a Jason Aaron book as "fun" but this sure is. It’s like an old school B grade horror flick mixed with superheroes. You gotta love that.

  6. Never heard of any of the villains in this issue. Looks like they can’t be too important cuz a few of them got wasted. I too dug the zombie ninja and laughed pretty hard when Orb took the board of nails right in his giant eyeball. Looking forward to next issue as this one seemed to be a lot of set-up.

  7. i recognized all the villians. it was a great plast from the past for me.  granted the orb wasnt the greatst villian but he is from the origanal series in the 70s.  and on top of the hat tip to GR history it also had a great story going along with it.

  8. I like Aaron’s story and direction, but cannot stand Huat’s art. I canceled the book solely based on my dissatisfaction with the art.

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