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  1. This cover is BADASS!!! Not much for leather myself but I dig the scythe. And as always who doesn’t love a flaming skull? I’m going to be sad when this story arc ends next issue.

  2. How is Jason Aaron doing on this book? Everyone loves his work on Scalped and Wolverine.

  3. Check out my review of the previous issue. If you are liking his run on Scalped or Wolverine you should check this out as well. I have NEVER been interested in Ghost Rider before but picked this arc up because of Aaron and I am LOVING every minute of it. So far everything I have read of his has been GOLD.

  4. I hear nothing but good things about Ghost Rider since Jason Aaron took over.  To echo previous sentiments, Jason Aaron is King Midas.  Scalped is one of the best books on the stands plus he made Ghost Rider interesting.  He can do no wrong.

  5. As another Jason Aaron freak let me add that if you love (who doesn’t?) "Scalped" you should be getting "Ghost Rider" just because of Jason Aaron. That’s the only reason I’m buying it and Aaron has made it well-worth the investment. My feeling is the same with "Wolverine", if Aaron’s name is on it, I’m buying it.

  6. Alright! I’m buying it.

  7. ok I’ve said this before but i am a long time ghost rider fan, but it has been a looooong time sense ghost rider was good.  i have to be honest, i got a little choked up with how great this is.  and i just may pick wolverine back up if it is anything near as great as GR is right now (thank you Jason Aaron[sniff] it is beautiful).

  8. I hope they give Jason Aaron more books to write, he is that good.  Did I hear, in last weeks pick of the week show, the iFanboys say he is leaving Wolverine?  If that is true that Sucks!

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