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The hottest, most rocking thing on two wheels returns! Start pumping your fists and banging your head for GHOST RIDER #1, by writer ROB WILLIAMS (DARK WOLVERINE) and featuring the long-awaited return of superstar artist MATT CLARK (Outsiders, Superman, INHUMANS).

Witness the violent birth of the all-new Ghost Rider…come to cleanse the earth in a firestorm of Blood, Oil, and Vengeance!

Johnny Blaze has been chained to Hell long enough. With the world thrown into chaos in the events of FEAR ITSELF he is given a chance to rid himself of the Spirit of Vengeance forever…and he takes it. The curse is passed onto a new host but Blaze has no idea what nightmares his action has wrought upon the world. Will the new Spirit of Vengeance bring us salvation…or send this world of sinners to a flaming death?

Story by Rob Williams
Art by Matthew Clark & Sean Parsons
Colors by Rob Schwager
Letters by Clayton Cowles
Cover by Adam Kubert, Neal Adams & Arturo Lozzi

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.0%
Avg Rating: 2.2
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  1. Will this be a one-shot or a new ongoing?  In this case, the Fear Itself banner is stopping me as I’d rather read something that’s not a tie-in from Ghost Rider.

  2. @misterckent  Yeah, whats the answer here? Is this a one shot? Is this the actual number 1? I’m confused!

  3. This is supposed to be a new ongoing featuring a female ghost rider

  4. I really want to support this book, but that 0.1 was I steaming heap of crap.

  5. @JoeCom  it wasnt that bad.  it did what a .1 issue should have done, a quick set up for the #1 issue.  A decent jumping on point.  It wasnt mind blowing or anything, but a steaming pile of crap it was not.  but i’ll agree to disagree…

  6. After deliveration, I think I’ll be picking up Schism instead.

  7. Take note other fear itself tie in writers…. This is how a good tie in should be written. Great issue, this will be be going on my regular pull list even after fear itself.

  8. I was excited about this, a female Rider and hopes of sorting out (or better: DROPPING COMPLETELY) all the crap Way and Aaron put on the Rider mythos really had me looking forward to it.
    Then they showed this Ghosr Rider will have hair.
    Then I saw the .1 issue
    Then I read through the first issue.

    Thanks for proving once again that Marvel either doesn’t give a damn about Ghost Rider or just doens’t know how to handle the character.
    I’m going back to re-reading the Ketch series. 

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