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GENEXT #1 (OF 5)

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  1. I want to go on the record that I did not ask for this.


  2. UUUHHHHH me 2. I didnt even know that was asking what Claremont would write next!!

  3. what a wonderful idea… let the fans on dictate what Claremont is going to write about.  that should get him out of his funk… 

  4. What’s this? This missed my attention when I was creating a list of comics to buy. Who asked for what? ??? I guess I don’t go on as much as I ought to. Um, new generation of mutants? From where, a funeral home?

  5. I’ll be honest, this is an intriguing concept.  I enjoy real time alternate universe stories.  I don’t think I’ll be buying this, but maybe I’ll leaf through it at the store.

  6. @Conor  Oh, it’s a great concept.  I just can’t remember the last time Chris Claremont wrote anything that didn’t make my brain boggle, in a not good kind of way.

  7. I’ll skip it and go re-read the first three issues of NYX over and over and over. I don’t think "modern mutants" gets much better than those three issues. Everything else pales (including the rest of NYX!)


  8. Yipes… Just…yipes.  You want to know what I want Claremont’s next project to be?  ANYTHING but comics, especially X-Men.  I don’t remember the exact moment that Claremont jumped the shark (somewhere before X-Treme X-Men?).  Maybe he was better suited for the comic book style of decades past, which, if true, begs the question: shouldn’t a "modern, real-time" take on mutants be the LAST thing Claremont writes about?  And can’t we stick this in the MC2 universe where it can be properly ignored?

    Also, I got twenty bucks says it opens with a baseball game. 

  9. Yeah, this doesn’t interest me at all.

  10. I hope they have tons of angst and talk to themselves a lot.  That would be a really new spin.

  11. I like these kinds of stories, so I’m hoping it turns out good.  Maybe it’ll even do good enough to create a new spinoff set of series, like Ultimate and First Class.  I’d like to see a Next Class Avengers and FF.

  12. Aren’t there enough young X-somethings crawling around the Marvel U now?

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