This is the X-Men comic that will have people talking for years!

Some candles burn twice as bright and half as long. Some candles don’t get a chance to burn at all. Generation Hope discover what happens when a light goes out.

Story by Kieron Gillen
Art by Jamie McKelvie
Colors by Jim Charalampidis
Letters by Dave Sharpe
Cover by Salva Espin

Price: $2.99
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  1. I’m finally able to read McKelvie and Gillen on another book.  Missed the last few opportunities.  Looks like this one’s gonna be big too!

  2. @misterckent  – I loved the Loki issue they did.

  3. I don’t even read X stuff and I’m totally getting this issue.

  4. If Kieron is killing a light, that could renew my enthusiasm. The problem with Generation Hope has been that entire Generation was dull as dishwater. The sooner Kieron cleans house and replaces the lights with better characters, the better. The lights are at least partially inherited from Fraction and Gillen really should clear his slate.

  5. @AmirCat  That was a good one.  McKelvie’s Asgard was fantastic!

  6. I love this series. I swear if Jason Aaron F***S this series up with schism im going to be really ticked

  7. @JimBilly4 That’s pretty much my feeling on it, though I’m pretty sure the lights are more Gillen’s than Franction’s.

  8. I’ve tried this series twice (first two issues, then issue 8) but am just not feeling it.
    This is strange cause Gillen’s Uncanny run has been quite enjoyable so far (despite the art) and his Journey Into Mystery is absolutely my favorite book on the stands.
    So now I am tempted to give this book another chance yet again.. perhaps a new arc will hook me? Gonna be a game time decision at the shop this wed 

  9. McKelvie drawing this is enough for me to buy it.

  10. @Diabhol Yeah, it is unclear to me how much is Fraction vs. Kieron. They were both writing the whole Five Lights arc, I believe. Uncanny got a lot better (IMO) after Kieron was given full rein, so that suggests to me Fraction continued to have a large hand in those Five Light issues. Did he let Kieron have a a lot of input into the Lights or were they mostly his ideas that he let Kieron flesh out? Don’t know. Maybe an interview somewhere might clarify (but I doubt it). The bottom line is they are bad and if Gillen is solely responsible for that he should recognize the problem and move to correct it. Terminally.

  11. Didn’t include this in my review but this story would have been so much better without exploiting the real life story it was inspired from. You take that away and you have the opportunity to give the cast of Generation Hope added dimension to their characters. This could have been so much more.

  12. Thank god for non-Fear Itself tie-in books.  So much of my stack was garbage this week, it’s nice to get something that stands on its own.

  13. Why the hell does Wolverine have to make a cameo appearance in every comic?

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