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GEN 13 #34

Runt joined GEN 13 only to find himself thrust into a war he barely understands; one that consumes the entire WildStorm Universe and presents him with new allies, a dangerous mission, and challenges most 16-year-olds never dream about.

Written by Adam Beechen
Art by Cruddie Torian
Cover by Amanda Conner

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Avg Rating: 3.4
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  1. This was the best Gen 13 in months! 

    However, when Fairchild asked if anyone had seen Burnout or Grunge and she is told, no, did no one notice that Burnout was teleported with them like three pages before?

  2. @AlanRob

     Yeah, Burnout was there, but it seems that during the battle with The Red Blade, everyone got scattered.  So it seemed to me that they were trying to regroup.  Although, I guess they didn’t realize Grunge was back with Spartan and the others (as seen in Wildcats #19).

  3. Well, then a panel is missing..but I have mixed feelings about this one. Most of the characters look fine, but Runt doesn’t and I see a lot of perspective probs. Story-wise, it’s a nice blend of cross-over story and some inside story on Runt. I expected a bit more though.

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