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GEN 13 #24

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    This issue was a big improvement from the last.  We really had some fun moments and some great lines in this one.  It’s obvious that the children, Megan and Dr. Cross, will eventually catch up with the Gen 13 kids and watching their little side adventure made for a hilarious moment.  We get a lot things set up in this issue.  Seeing Mago from The Paladins was a great surprise and the vision we saw of Sarah in issue 23 may have had some truth to it with what we saw set up with Mago.  It’s interesting that they seemed to promote this issue as having the kids go up against some zombies.  While we don’t literally see that in this issue (only on the cover), we did get the set up with Dominic, one of the refugees Caitlin let in the mall, knocking Roxy over the head.  It’ll be interesting to see what comes of that.  All in all, mostly a set-up issue but I think it had some very fun moments, including the last page which set-up a very unique dilemma for Grunge.

    The Cybernary back-up was cool because it interwove established WS history with The Reapers.  And I’m always up for a mention of Miles Craven.  I actually miss the evil S.O.B.  I have to say I have very little reading time with Kaizen Gamorra but I like his characterization here.  Especially how he justifies making his own living weapons as well as the end where he asks for Cybernary’s help with The Reapers.



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