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GEN 13 #22

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  1. This issue continues to show the Gen 13 kids trying to figure out what happened to the world. I like that despite the gloominess of the situation they’ve all kept their sense of humor. Especially Bobby who has every reason to be upset from being blind now. The cult against superhumans was interesting and I loved when Grunge absorbed the electricity and essentially became lightning. The joke at the end about Planet of the Apes made me smile too. Again, I love that there’s still humor. Megan returning with Doctor Cross as kids was a very weird revelation. I thought their story was done but it looks like Gen 13 will have to deal with them again.
    And the Dane back-up is still so good. Brandon Badeaux’s art is awesome. I love all the monsters he’s designed in this short story. You can tell he’s having fun with it.


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