The grand finale of Garth Ennis’ first Jennifer Blood story arc finally arrives!

Will Jennifer finally get her revenge? Will she stop her vigilante lifestyle and return to a life of normalcy with her family?

Find out in Jennifer Blood #6!

Story by Garth Ennis
Art by Kewber Ball
Cover by Tim Bradstreet, Jonathan Lau, Alé Gara, & Johnny Desjardins

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.0%


  1. After this one I am done with this book. I was really liking this but the delay really hurt and with Ennis leaving after this one there is no need to stick around.

  2. I’m amazed I made it this far into this rather disappointing series. But here we are, an anti-climactic end to the first arc, and the last issue I will ever buy.

  3. Pitty. Another overhyped book that took a race to the bottom. Ennis’s credibility took a hit on this one. These delays are inexcusible. Be like John Laymann and don’t bite off more than you can CHEW.

    • Was it overhyped? I don’t think there has been a big to-do about this book.

    • Perhaps you’re right about overhype- at least not to the degree of a similar flop due to delays: Turf, but initially they did hype it more than most in my opinion, due to it being a new Ennis ongoing and that it was about a married with children female hit woman which is almost unheard of.

  4. Ennis was the only reason I picked this series up. Didn’t want to let another “Preacher” slip by…. sadly, it’s not Preacher. 🙁

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