Meet Jen. She’s married with two kids, seemingly living a fine suburban life. But her life is far from normal now that she is a ruthless vigilante by night; calling herself Jennifer Blood! Issue #2 contains more mayhem as Jennifer Blood continues to make her presence known in the criminal underworld. Also, watch as Jen and her family meets her new neighbors! Written by Garth (The Boys, Punisher) Ennis with covers by Tim (Punisher) Bradstreet, enjoy the continuing adventures of Jennifer Blood!

Writer: Garth Ennis
Penciller/Inker: Adriano Batista
Covers: Tim Bradstreet, Johnny Desjardins, Ale Garza & Jonathan Lau

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.6%
Avg Rating: 4.0
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  1. I want this to be better than it actually is. So far, it’s stereotypical Ennis, and aside from Battlefields, that’s all we’ve really seen from him lately. The art is pretty weak too, honestly.

  2. I looked through the first issue, and I thought the art was really bad, too.  Not worth $4, not even worth $3.  I love the Boys, but I will pass on this book.

  3. I’m reading this book until my dcbs shipments stop. So far it’s pretty boring and uncreative.

  4. I think i’m gonna switch to Carbon Grey.  I hear good things and understand it’s a heroine oriented comic.  I expect better things from Mr. Ennis.  This first issue didn’t blow my socks off nor do i feel compelled to keep paying 4 bucks for a 40 page book that has 15 pages of promotion.  It’s like paying extra for XM radio and still having to listen to commercials.  I’m getting tired of adverts in comics.  real tired.

  5. Batista doesn’t thrill me, but I am amused at the Punisher house wife, War Journal and all. If DCBS hadn’t put the entire series on sale I probably wouldn’t be buying, but at $7 for 4 issues I am happy with what I’m getting. The covers are good.

  6. I like this. It would seem I am the only one…

  7. @JimBilly4  I think the covers are great!  Makes the inside look even worse, though.  Seems to be a trend at Dynamite.  I will gladly trade four awesome variant covers for one good interior artist.

  8. Had Titanic actually been like the first page it might have been a decent movie.

  9. Yeah, I’m dropping this. I think I may be stuck with the third issue, unfortunately.

  10. Surprised at the comments. This is classic Ennis black comedy. The first page alone is worth the $3.99.

  11. Better than the first. Funny in the darkest way. Batista stil not thrilling.

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