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  1. Ended up buying #1 in impusle, and will be finishing out this series.  Good stuff; I’m really taking to Ennis’ war books.

  2. too bad conor spoilt how the pilots  over came the problem of being heard from at distance in the podcast


    he should have spoilers for things that happened over 60 years ago, i mean, come on! 

  3. Fantastic issue. If you aren’t reading this yet go back and get the first one.

  4. Brilliant! As good as Ennis’s Punisher!

  5. I didn’t think I’d like this as I don’t have a particular interest in ‘war comics’ these day.  If done badly comics can trivialise war and turn it into just a jolly romp. 

    However, having heard good things about the first issue I picked it up and was impressed by the storytelling and the art.  This continues to be a good read – and its only 3 issues long.  I am tempted to continue reading future Battlefield stories.

    This comic book transprted me way back to the 1970’s and the UK war weeklies such as Warlord and (in particular) Battle Action.  Battlefields reminds me of how I felt reading Battle Action – telling a good story, but also pulling few punches when it came to showing the harsh realities of war, which was quite something for an anthology comic aimed at children.  Maybe my spectacles are of a rosey tint, but Charley’s War still stands up today (just wish they’d issue it in an omnibus edition!).

    Blimey, whatalota waffle.  Time for a cup of Ovaltine and a degistive buscuit I think.

    At ease, company dismissed. 



  6. Got #1 at a Garth Ennis signing, that one was good, slightly better then #2, I’m sad this is only 3 issues, i feel like it needs 5 or 6

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