Between the flak, the searchlights, the night fighters and the freezing, airless cold at twenty-thousand feet, bombing Germany in midwinter is no joke at all – but with some of the friends he’s got, pilot Ken Harding might not even need any enemies. Ken gets to know his crew a little better, as they edge towards the last operation that will complete their tour of duty. One more nightmare flight, and then they can all go home…

Writer: Garth Ennis
Penciller/Inker: PJ Holden
Covers: Garry Leach

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  1. 2 of 9? That’s gotta be a mistake

  2. Might be 2 of 9 for this "run" – as in, the issues that will be collected in the eventual hardcover. The last "run" of Battlefields was 9 issues, consisting of 3 3 issue arcs.

    In other news: looking forward to this. Apart from Preacher, war-type-stories are Ennis at his best. 

  3. i get a little bit of aussie pride from this book. I hope the ennis will drop a couple of c-bombs in this issue… just like dear old mum

  4. I love Ennis and as an Aussie I’m doubly loving this book!

    Ennis at his best alongside Max Punisher and Preacher. 

  5. I don’t know if I’d got that far, but the first series of issues were excellent.  Last issue was missing something that I can’t quite put my finger on.

  6. I am so glad Dynamite is giving Ennis the chance to do this stuff.  Great work from all involved.

  7. Really enjoyed the last issue and I already feel like I know the crew after just 1 issue. Knowing Ennis, something bad will happen to those guys 🙁

  8. ahh, australians. so quick to call our friends a pack of c&*%s

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