Stiles and his crew are going Tiger-hunting, which is all very well so long as your intended prey has no idea you’re coming. But the last days of the Third Reich prove to be a savage time, and as British and Waffen SS tanks stalk each other through the wretched gloom of the German winter, tragedy is never far away.

Writer: Garth Ennis
Penciller/Inker: Carlos Ezquerra
Covers: Garry Leach

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Avg Rating: 4.0
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  1. Who else doesn’t care anymore?

  2. not i

  3. @ed I’ve liked this tank run better than the last.

  4. I love it.

  5. This was awesome; Funny, pognant and the weird Ennis realism.

  6. @edward – YOUR CRAZY!! This has been great!

    Another 5 star issue IMO. I love that after the brits killed the child’s mother, he still chose to treat them with respect by using "Sie" instead of "Du". I remember reading a letter column in one of the battlefield books where a fan had said something along the lines of: Ennis…you have to be using an online translator for your german! Ennis admitted he had, but would be fixing that in the future. So Tankies #4 comes out and we get english instead of german w/ translations. Hey … getting there!

  7. Anyone not reading "Battefields" is doing themselves a huge disservice. Ennis proves time and time again what a great writer he can be with this series. He gets to be silly and gross-out on things like "The Boys" and "Crossed", and there are some elements of that here, it’s never gratuitous. Great stories, great dialogue, and often a poignancy not found in comics. Any of the Tankies stories are entertaining as hell to read – you can just hear the accents as the crew members haze one another. Highly recommended.

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