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  1. this is so touching. i love this battlefields thing garth ennis has going on.

  2. i get the feeling Carrie is gong to torture the japanese dude in the hospital 

  3. Either torture him or fall in love with him & show that deep down, we’re all the same on the inside … & then she tortures him.

  4. In a very strong week this is the comic I am excited the most for!

  5. This looks as if it will probably be my pick this week.  All it’s up against is Superman and Ultimate Spiderman so it has a really good chance.

  6. Another great issue. Ennis really knows how to create deep characters. Just an amazing story. So far, this is my POTW

  7. Store didn’t have it ugh…..

  8. Yeah, it didn’t come to mine, either.

  9. This was the one comic I wanted really bad this week and it wasn’t there.

  10. Wasn’t at mine either. Big enough of a week as it was that I’m not too bummed. 

  11. No issues in Portland. That I can find. Lame.

  12. Weird. My shop didn’t have it either. Why was it missing at so many places?? I only have 5 books this week, so I was really looking forward to this. 🙁

  13. I do find it odd that comic shops in America don’t order brilliant comics like this. I can’t imagine not finding this in a UK shop.

    It was totally brilliant BTW

  14. yep, i didn’t get it either…

  15. This was so good.

  16. came in this week. soooo goood

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