G.I. JOE #20

TARGET: SNAKE EYES hurtles toward its shocking conclusion!

SERPENTOR’S FANG BRIGADE closes in on the Arashikage refuge deep in the jungle. HELIX and SNAKE EYES battle for their lives surrounded on all sides by warring foes. The G.I. JOE team rides to the rescue—but will they find a battlefield or a graveyard?

Story by Chuck Dixon
Art by Will Rosado
Cover by Kenneth Loh

Price: $3.99
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Avg Rating: 3.2
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  1. I’ve been reading G. I. Joe since way back from the DDP days when the book was published by Image and then when it was restarted as America’s Elite. I loved when IDW took over at first, but basically since the first renumbering I have become less and less interested to the point where this is strictly as book of habit that forget about each month until I get my pulled books from my LCS. I really want to stick with this when it gets renumbered again because hopefully the enjoyment would come back, but I am not sure if I can take that risk

  2. I have been through a lot of re-imaginations and renumbering. The GI JOE Cobra series with Chuckles was the only thing that when collected as a trade is worth handing over to someone to read. Loved the cartoon and the toys as a kid, but too many good books to buy and read to keep trying this intellectual property. I will finish this series. But that’s it.

  3. I’m not entirely sure this came out today.

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