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• The penultimate issue of the critically acclaimed masterpiece!

• Fury faces down Barracuda in Nicaragua.

Story by Garth Ennis
Art by Goran Parlov
Cover by Dave Johnson

Price: $3.99
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Avg Rating: 4.8
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  1. I don’t think I’ve ever hated a comic book character more than Pug McClusky

    • He’s GOTTA have it coming within the next two issues at this point. It’s been building for too long not to.

    • What has Pug done that’s been so wrong? Pug was right last issue, his wife never loved him, married for power, and f*cked Fury like mad behind his back whenever he could. Do you hate her too? Meanwhile, Pug has been fighting the cold war in his own imperfect American congressman way. I don’t think he’s a hero, but is he a villain? I dunno, maybe I’m missing something and should go back and re-read?

    • He’s been supporting the drug trade to fund and elongate wars. These wars have also served to make him and his friends rich and powerful while horrific acts are carried out across the globe. He is a detestable villain.

    • Pug reflects real-world war profiteers/mongers. These people don’t parade around in colorful costumes proclaiming to be super villains, they just prolong outdated wars, start new illegal wars only for profit, traffic drugs abroad while waging a war on drugs domestically and much more. I wonder what Nick Fury would think about the unwinnable and never-ending “War on Terror?” This book brings up some very uncomfortable truths about the world, and that’s one reason its so terrific.

  2. Didn’t realize this was going to #13.

    Guess I’m in for one more after this.

    The last issue of this will be the last of the retail Marvel, for now.

    Actually the last monthly or mini-series issue I intend to buy.

    Subscriptions ending at 12 issues of Marvel NOW!

    Format change forthcoming.

    In the meantime…


  3. This has been consistantly one of the best books on the shelf every month and is probably one of my favorite comics from the last 10 years. I’ll be sad to see it end

  4. This one seemed like such a wrap-up issue. Really curious for what’s in store for the finale. I guess maybe the end of Pug? Fantastic stuff though, really one of the best comics on the stands these days.

  5. Two things:

    1) I questioned whether Fury would really be able to “get” Barracuda in last issue’s forum. Most of the way through the story, my suspicions were correct. But all of you who bet on Fury were right in the end…by a mile!

    2) I loved the way Ennis addressed our debate above about whether Pug is a villain. While a guy like Barracuda was an outright villain, I think Ennis kind of said that Pug wasn’t any more of a villain than Fury himself. I think Ennis did an excellent job walking the line about not saying “everything about fighting the cold war was justified” or “nothing about the cold war fight was justified” throughout this series.

    I think when you look at the history of Korea, Vietnam, Cuba, Nicaragua, and other places not mentioned like Afghanistan in the ’80s, leading up to the collapse of the Berlin Wall, you see a sometimes not-so-murky (Korea), sometimes pretty murky (Nicaragua) fight that leads to a US victory still very much appreciated across all of Eastern Europe and Germany. It is a fascinating, complex, controversial history that I very much admire Ennis using as touchstones for his fictional stories. Not to mention that during this time there is simultaneously a very justifiable anti-colonial war being fought by most 3rd world countries.

    I’ll be interested to hear the IFanboys excuse themselves for not picking this issue as POW, because I know they love this book too! It was really remarkable, both the end of the Barracuda storyline, the devestating conversation between Pug and Fury, and the painful encounter at the bar between our two star-crossed lovers.

  6. I had chills reading this. When it was over, I didn’t know if I should laugh, cry, or vomit.

    That doesn’t even begin to address his use of this series as well-informed criticism leveled at the past 40 years of US foreign policy.

    Garth Ennis is the best writer in comics.

  7. and I really like how he fleshed out Barracuda’s backstory, even going so far as showing how he lost his teeth. It makes his appearances in Punisher Max that more haunting, horrific and terrific.

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