Enter: The Spawn of Frankenstein!

As Frankenstein and his estranged wife hunt their demonic offspring across Europe, the secrets that tore them apart are revealed. But when Frank finally comes face to face with his long lost son, the fallout may mean the end of S.H.A.D.E.!

Written by:
Jeff Lemire
Pencilled by:
Alberto Ponticelli
Inked by:
Walden Wong
Cover Color by:
Lettered by:
Travis Lanham

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  1. Anyone know if this book is being cancelled soon?

    • No cancelations have been announced. Lemire only has two more issues, until he is replaced by Matt Kindt, who co-wrote Franks adventure last week in Men of War.

      I’m in for as long as the book remains fun, and weird.

    • Thanks man. I stopped at issue 3 but have been debating on catching up. If its still going to be around I prob will. I liked this book.

    • I think it’s worth it. I’ve really enjoyed it so far.

  2. I thought the art looked a million times better last issue. I know realize it was Walden Wong’s inks cleaning things up. I hope he stays.

    • That’s funny I thought the more polished art took something away from it.

      Different strokes.

    • Me too, I liked the rought edges from the first issues.

      But I’m reading this for the crazy bizarre adventures which are uber-fun! 😀

    • I’m disappointed that Ponticelli isn’t inking his own stuff anymore. Last issues book looked like any other book on the shelf, as it was missing that edge that it had originally.

    • consafo80 (@consafo80) says:

      I think the new inker makes it look loads better. Especially in the action scenes.

  3. Love this title! Hope it’s around for a good long time. Lookin’ forward to it as always.

  4. I feel like I say it every week, but this is absolutely a great series and I hope more people start checking it out. I am going to miss Lemire’s work when he leaves, but I heard an interview with Matt Kindt and he got me real excited for the series. Anyone who came on here wondering if this was a series worth trying out, I can’t recommend it highly enough if you’re into sci-fi, adventure, or old monster movies (and if you’re not into any of those things, I feel really bad for you).

  5. jumped back on because of Lemire. Glad I did, superb issue. I even didn’t mind Alberto Ponticelli ‘s art this time. In fact, it seems to have changed drastically. New inker perhaps?

    • Let me rephrase that: Lemire is one of the best writers out there right now and I realized that I wanted and needed better writing in my comic reading of late. So I’m back. I intentally left because of the art, just wasn’t digging Ponticelli’s style, but like I said it has changed for whatever reason and I like it.

    • Another commenter mentioned that the inker was new. I like Ponticelli’s style, so I liked the older stuff too, but you can definitely see the difference between previous issues and this one.

  6. This is one of the best comic book combinations of fun comic schlock and deeper philosophies.

  7. A good issue, but it felt a little too much like #6, replacing the former shade agent in asia with frank jr at the castle. i’d also have the scratchier pencils of the early issues.

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