Frankenstein and The Commandos head back to Vietnam to take out a rogue super human whom Frankenstein fought beside back in 1969!

Meanwhile, The Humanids stage a revolt in The Ant Farm, and Nina and Lady Frankenstein are all that stands between them and total chaos. But they soon discover other deep, dark secrets hidden in S.H.A.D.E. City.

Story by Jeff Lemire
Art by Alberto Ponticelli
Cover by J.G. Jones

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Avg Rating: 4.1
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  1. I am loving Frankenstein. It speaks to me on every level. A super hero team made up of classic movie monsters, bought together to fight over more over the top monsters. That alone would sell me, but the write and art are steller as well.

    A little sad that there’s only a few more issues of this before Lemire leaves, but I do like Matt Kindt so I’ll try it for a little longer.

    The first arc was great.

  2. This series has been surprisingly good. I’m a few issues behind but still this book is great. Love the creature commandos idea. That’s one of the best parts

  3. This series makes me giddy with utter joy and excitement.

  4. I would absolutely love a Frankenstein and OMAC team-up book!

  5. The preview for this issue looked great. I was wondering when the whole thing with the Humanids was gonna go south. Guess this is the issue where it finally happens…

  6. Great issue, good misdirect about the real threat of the arc. I know the series is named after Frank, but I wish Velcero and Griffith where given more to do sometimes

  7. Frankenstein and the Creature Commandos in vietnam to eliminate Dr Manhattan, loving these stories and Ponticelli can draw amazing looking monsters and structures..

  8. First comment (snarky): Alan Moore must be pretty miffed at Lemire about now . . .

    Second comment(serious): another great issue. This has been one of my favorite series of the relaunch, so I’m pretty anxious about the creative change coming up. Hopefully it’ll work out without losing the oddball tone we’ve had so far. Ponticelli is staying as penciler, though, right? I’m not sure if I would like him on a traditional superhero book, but he’s perfect for this. That panel of the Bride loading her guns was fabulous; I think it was the first time I was truly creeped out by the fact that this woman has six arms . . .

  9. It’s nice to see we’ve maintained the level of awesome moving into a new arc. I’m bracing myself for the creative switch, but I’m hopeful the new team can live up to the standard I’ve come to expect from Lemire’s work. I’d hate to have to drop this. It’s been one of my favorites post-relaunch.


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