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Chris Rohling10/03/08YesRead Review
THEHOCHE10/02/08YesRead Review
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  1. hope my LCS gets this because this looks awesome

  2. Giving it a try, the preview in Back to Brooklyn has me interested.

  3. This book looks friggen sweet.  Don’t understand the expanded price, but its a light week for me.

  4. Joe Kelly rocks and the story sounds amazing. Havent seen any of the art yet but its worth the pick up on the short week.


    for anybody on the fence…. CBR have a 5 page preview

  6. That preview has me interested.  I believe I shall pick this up as well.

  7. This is written by Joe Kelly. Joe Kelly writes I Kill Giants. I Kill Giants is teh awesome.

    That’s all I need to know. 

  8. I wasnt gonna pick it up because of the preview, but some how it it fell to the ground, I picked it up and then for some reason I bought it. I am pleased.

  9. I got it, the book is really well-done — original, good art, nice characterizatin, excellent setting.  Worth your time.

  10. Waiting to give this my POTW till I read the rest of my books, but once I do I’ll most definitely be giving this my vote.

    This title blew me away. I was interested in it, so I picked it up, but I was not extremely excited. So, I read this book first from my stack( I read the books I’m least interested in first). It was mucher better then the solicit made it out to be. I loved the art and writing. The line where he relates dead people to imaginary creatures(dragons)… Amazing.

  11. I’m sad my store didn’t get this.

  12. So this is like Vick minus the dogs for the geek set?

  13. or something.

  14. My store didnt get this either. Dang it!

  15. Vick Mackey?

  16. I have a lot of love for Joe Kelly. He writes children characters particularly well. I thought the ending was a little bit disappointing – I mean I saw it coming a mile off so if it wasn’t for that it would’ve been 5/5 for me.

  17. I saw it coming but I didnt care I liked it.

  18. This was awesome. Can’t wait for the next issue!

  19. Wasn’t planning on picking this up… but I’m glad I did.  Can’t wait to see what happens next.

  20. I went back to get this after seeing how many people made it their POTW. I’m glad I did; this was fantastic. Looking forward to seeing more.

    Is it an ongoing or a mini though? I originally thought it was a four issue mini, but then realised I had confused myself because it has "four" in the title and I am a moron.

  21. I *think* it’s an ongoing but dont quote me on that

  22. I certainly can’t find anything that says it isn’t an ongoing, which means it probably is. I just thought that was odd as initially it doesn’t seem like a concept that will have long-term lasting power. We shall see though. I’m in for the ride.

  23. I asked my LCS owner if this is ongoing or not and he said it is ongoing as far as he knows. This surprises me because as Cooper stated it seems better fitted for a mini but maybe the creators know something we don’t. Either way I will keep picking this up.

  24. I don’t think it seems like a mini at all. Just think of how many questions they’ve set up already: what will the boy do next, what is the state of the rest of the world, what kind of corruption is hidden in this coorporation?

    Not only are there plenty of questions to answer, but there are also a variety of ways in which to take the story. A development between the boy and dragon( bonds based on smell, dragon was left in his room for what must have been days) is an obvious choice of direction. Also, who wouldn’t mind seeing another Pokemon story? We might be looking at the next Ash Ketchum (sarcasm).

  25. i’m backing up ruo21. i mean, totally obvious choices for examples, but think of how much was in the first issues of powers or y: the last man.


    i’d be really happy if this book had a great two or so year run. Would’ve been my pow if i hadn’t loved batman so much.

  26. i thought this was a mini. i was going to wait and read comments on the issues and then pick or not pick up the trade. it sounded interesting i might have to pick the issue up.

  27. What a great first issue. Pick of the week for sure.

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