Once he was Hero of the Beach…and of the Doom Patrol. Now Flex Mentallo, Man of Muscle Mystery, returns to investigate the sinister dealings of his former comrade, The Fact, and a mysterious rock star whose connection to Flex may hold the key to saving them both.

Don’t miss this deluxe hardcover collecting the four-issue miniseries from the team behind ALL-STAR SUPERMAN, including a special sketch section and recolored art.

Story by Grant Morrison
Art & Cover by Frank Quitely

Price: $22.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 2.7%
Avg Rating: 4.8
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  1. I’ve heard about this for so long and I’m excited it’s finally here. Love this combo so excited to read something positively wacky!

  2. screw this, i don’t believe it’s real, they’re totally just messing with us!

  3. Finally!

  4. If this is not on your pull list… Then I just don’t know what to say.

    Please tell me this is real and not an April Fools Day prank.

  5. That cover is awesome, but I hope the reason for the six-month delay wasn’t just because of that. This was originally supposed to be out last November! Hopefully Quitely didn’t make us wait so long just for that. Surely there will be more bonus material in it or something.

    Either way, Flex is an awesome series, well worth owning in hardcover. Next to Eclipse’s Miracleman, it’s the best thing that’s never been reprinted (until now).


  7. Know nothing about this story, but Morrison + Quitely + Deluxe edition… give me one reason why I should’t buy this book?

  8. I own all the issues and I still want this.

    Hero of the Beach!!!

  9. To anyone that has read this:

    Would you recommend it to someone that isn’t a fan of Doom Patrol, or to someone that only enjoys Morrison’s work with Quietly?

    • I’ve only read one DOOM PATROL collection, so I wouldn’t say I’m a fan, but it’s one of my favorite things from Morrison that I’ve ever read.

    • This is the definition of a must own. It’s more along the lines of The Invisibles than Doom Patrol. A lot of meta-fictional elements and a lot of comics history in it. You don’t need to have read anything to enjoy it though.

  10. In case anyone is on the fence, I wrote a spoiler-free review of this series back in 2008:


  11. Gamble a stamp on this hardcover!

  12. Doom Patrol is one of my favorites from Morrison and I’ve never read this! Hurry up Amazon!!!

  13. I wonder how long we will wait for the Doom patrol run to be put into HC now?

  14. Morrison run on Doom Patrol was some of his most
    ruthless & best work, this mini-series just tops it!
    It’s been one helluva wait for this to be reprinted, at last.

  15. I’ve not read this before but I could not be more excited to check it out.

  16. I just ordered this seeing as my freind has been recommending it to me for years but I never got around to reading it. Big expectations!

  17. Couldn’t afford it this week, but it goes on the Short List.

    Stuff I Should Either Own Or Suggest That the Library Purchase

  18. Just read it, I highly reccommend it to anyone who loves Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely
    Or if you love awesome things, read this, in my opinion it
    is the greatest comic ever

  19. This book made my brain hurt in a good way. Sometimes I question the adoration for Grant Morrison, right now I am not….wow

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