FLASH FACT! Everything you know changed in a flash – but how?

Written by REX OGLE and others

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  1. Is The World of Flashpoint going to be an atlas/Who’s Who kind of book or short Secret Origins style stories?

  2. @Impossibilly  That’s a good question.  The preview I found looks like it’s all about Traci 13 trying to figure out what happened.  I get the vibe that it’s going to walk us through finding out what happened from her perspective.  Loving the magic.

  3. This looks interesting.

  4. I was not for this at all but after reading the preview and interview, I am game.

  5. I am stayen away from the tie-ins and am going with Flaspoint & BoosterGold only, I was already reading Flash and Booster and not spending the extra money.  Plus my LCS  shorted me 2 issues of Generation Lost and one Brightest Day so from now on I am stayen away from weekly titles.

  6. @Avistann   Same for me.  The preview really sold me on this one.  I wasn’t expecting to buy any tie-ins, but the main book started off really well.  Better than Blackest Night for me.  

  7. I was worried they were going to Layla Miller Traci 13 in Fashpoint but the preview seemed to confirm they were going for something else. Interested.

  8. I have no idea what this book is about either!!  This is one time where DC’s “$2.99 roll back” comes in handy!!!

  9. Not bad at all! No previous experience with the character but she’s interesting. A rather buxom 15 year old however (which is awkward).

    Can’t say I was bowled over but I liked the book!

  10. I too was sold by the preview…well it was on my pull list already but the preview caught me and I am happy to say it was damn good. Well worth the cover price!

  11. I can see why they called this World of Flashpoint, instead of Traci 13. I was refreshed by the fact that despite the haters, this is a female-friendly book. Take note.

  12. This was pretty good.

    I’m always suprised to see Traci 13 show up every now and again.  I’ve always kinda liked her, and apparantly I’m not the only one.

    So far I have yet to be disappointed by any of the FlashPoint mini’s. 

  13. I remember when Traci 13 debuted as a random guest character in Superman…but this might be the best thing I’ve read with her in it.  In fact, I know the Thomas Wayne fans out there will disagree, but I’d say this was my favorite tie in of the week.

    You know, I really should have realized it before now, but somehow I never guessed she was related to Doctor 13.

    There was a reference made in this book to her splitting up with Jaime (Blue Beetle)….does anyone know if/when this actually occurred?  I can’t remember a storyline with them parting ways. 

  14. Dreary.

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