FLASH FACT: Subject Zero. Subject One. There can only be one.

Art and cover by GENE HA

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  1. This is a gorgeous book, i really wish Gene Ha was on something come September.

  2. Last issue really made some strides. Can’t wait for this issue.

  3. Funny, the book about Superman got much better when it included Superman. I really liked last issue. Hopefully Baby Superman takes out the Dragonball Z guy. He deserves to die for his hair alone.

  4. I really like scrawny Supes. Well, once I got over the creepiness, I liked him.

  5. I really found this series a disappointment, other than the art, that is.
    Anyone read the Lois Lane mini? Did the two mix at all?

    • The Lois Lane mini only really tied in during the third issue where she is taken captive (off panel) by the Amazons. Besides that piece of info, you don’t really need to read one for the other. I thought that the Lane series started promising but meandered off in the end — kinda like Wonder Woman did, actually . . . wonder if I can blame editorial instead of the writers . . ?

  6. Last issue was great can’t wait for this. I love Flashpoint Superman.

  7. I really enjoyed the concept of Flashpoint Superman, but thought that the execution of this series could have been better. Am I the only one who was a little confused by how he defeated Subject Zero? Did Kal simply absorb all Zero’s energy until Zero fizzled away? Also, while I liked Ha’s art in the first two issues, it seemed pretty rushed here . . . The second (all Kal) issue was definately the strongest . . .

  8. This issue was a better “last Superman issue” before the big relaunch than either Superman or Action were able do.

    Kudos to Lowell, Ha, and Snyder for telling a pretty nifty Superman tale that actually carried some emotional weight to it.

  9. This was a great series, even with the Super Saiyan hair. DC killed a lot of characters this week.

  10. This was my favorite Flashpoint next to Batman. I really dug the art by L. Francis and I thought the story was very compelling. I like the fact that the first thing he does was go after Lois and even he couldn’t save her. Im really looking forward to Flashpoint 5 conculsion.

  11. I really want a Project Superman and Kypto PVC statue or figure set.

  12. I liked the action comics 1 homage panel

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