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FLASH FACT! Where is he? Or should we say when?


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  1. This might be the Flashpoint Tie-in I might be skipping, I will give it a flip through at the shop

  2. @Avistann  I here ya. I’ve picked up most of the tie-ins but this one just doesn’t appeal to me.

  3. I’m having the opposite reaction as you guys. This looks really interesting to me.

  4. Sterling Gates!  Might be better than I thought.

  5. This is the only tie-in I’ve really been looking forward to. Bart is one of my favorite characters, and it’s about time he gets a moment in the spot light.

  6. BAH! I’m interested in too many tie ins this week.

  7. this is the only tie-in im getting

  8. Gates on Supergirl was a lot of fun at first. I’m gonna give it a shot. Fuck it.

  9. This and Batman are the two tie-ins I’ve been really looking forward to

  10. This is a tie-in from Flash #12 it continues from that story. This has nothing to do with the new Flashpoint world. The art is awkward some of the times but the story is great. If you were reading Flash then you should pick this up

  11. What is with the awkward “credits” above the main ones?  Look just above… small and red font. Wonder who let this slip…

  12. Sintheus: It has ALOTTT to do with the flashpoint world. Its probley going to end up being even more important, remember how Bart wasnt in the flash family photo in flashpoint 1? I wont say anything else, cause I dont want to spoil anything, but this is one of the minis that is both worth reading, and important to the speedsters in general.

  13. This was really really good! Can’t wait to see where they take this story. 

  14. @CrimsonBlur  Really? I thought this was very disconnected from Flashpoint. Basically it’s the next issue of the cancelled Flash series. Patty Spivot and everything. It takes Bart out of the Flashpoint equation all together. Putting him in a timeline even further separated from Flashpoint.

    And seriously? Brainiac, the most intelligent being in existence mis calculated his programming and made Barry a dick in Bart’s virtual world? I find that error very hard to believe.

  15. I loved the story, but the art had a lot to improve on.

    Writing 5/5
    Art 1/5

  16. Felt like a generic “Back to the Future” story to me, art looked like a poor man’s Ale Garza.

  17. story ok art was all over the place it seemed liked kid flash looked different all the time

  18. I was really disappointed in this. I don’t think I’ll be back for issue #2. I found this and Lois Lane both to be very lackluster.

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