FLASH FACT! Africa belongs to him!

Written by SEAN RYAN

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  1. Of course the entirety of Africa belongs to a gorilla…


  2. This is going to be an amazing issue. Can’t wait. Early running for POTW!

  3. I am preparing my mightiest battle-spoon for Wednesday!

  4. Ig draws aminals good. 😉 (Grodd as Pet Avenger?)

  5. Any appearance of Grodd is awesome, it’s just a matter of degree.

  6. That tiny skull he is holding… an aperitif?

  7. I can not wait for this!!!!

  8. @NawidA: Yes. Makes sense to me considering thats where Gorillas are located

  9. @Avistann I believe his point was that it could seem racist.  I don’t know that I agree that it was intentionally racist, but I see his point, and agree, it sure can be thought of as racist. 

    I can’t wait for this issue either…

  10. I find nothing racist about it, especially considering the long history of super-intelligent gorillas in the DC-verse. It is an area to tread carefully in, but nothing about an evil emperor Grodd controlling all of Africa wiggles my racist antennae even a little bit.

  11. Not racist, just awesome. If you hear “monkey ruling Africa” and you immediately think it’s racist, then… Well, I got nothin’ for ya. I guess my life gets to be a little more sweet than yours.

    Was on the fence, until I remembered whi Ig Guara is. Now it is a certainty.

  12. Grodd is very much my favorite villain.

  13. I just hope he eats brains, it’s all I want.


  15. Why would it be racist for a gorilla to be ruling Africa?  Gorillas are FROM Africa, it would only make sense for that to be the first place they conquer.

  16. Should he be a Swedish gorilla? I think not.

  17. @keith7198  Ya!

  18. Gorilla City is in Africa. That’s why Grodd is ruling it. It’d be like saying that Black Panther ruling an african nation is racist. If Gorilla City was in Sweden instead he’d be ruling there…if Aquaman didn’t sink it yet…

  19. @JDA190 – Aquaman’s so racist. What, Gorilla City isn’t good enough for you to sink?

  20. This was the balls party!!!

    Loved it!!

  21. First off, that’s a great expression, JNewcomb. Second, I dig existential Grodd.

  22. Oh, and the Catman and Congorilla cameos were fun.

  23. @MikePositive  Thanks Mike.

    I must admit, I am not familiar with Congorilla. Which character was he in this issue?

  24. Vicious.

  25. @JNewcomb  Congorilla is the golden gorilla that Grodd spars with.  He was (is?) a member of the Justice League.

  26. This was very entertaining. I really hope Grodd Kicks the shit out of some Amazons and Atlanteans.

  27. I liked this and liked where it was going but it just… ended.  I thought this was a 3 issue series but the cover says it is a One Shot.

    What happened next?!  Did the boy grow up and come for Grodd?

    Such a disappointment, but at least I got to see Grodd rip another gorilla’s head off and in then in two!  And rip out someone’s spine.  Badass.

  28. I loved Grodd’s craving for visceral violence.  It was actually chillingly believable, unlike most villains.  Putting him into the WW/Aqua mix has me hooked.

  29. this was really fun. One of the best Flashpoint Tie-in’s so far. Very unexpected and interesting. 

  30. @rix0r, I think the boy was just another device to show that Grodd has a death-wish.

    I loved this!  Enjoying Flashpoint much more than I expected.  (And Fear Itelf far far less!) 

  31. pretty hardcore awesome

  32. I really want Grodd to win Flashpoint, if only to shut up that whiny bitch Aquaman.

  33. still don’t like Grodd but the Catman appearence was cool, you know before he got de-spined.

  34. Pretty much this week has cemented Flashpoint as my favourite out of the F events. And the real ace card was this comic. I loved it. It gave me something I haven’t seen a million times.

  35. Wow… Just wow

  36. Man, I thought putting an 8 page Super 8 ads right in the middle of books was bad, this Subway thing was even worse.  I really hope they knock this crap off soon.

  37. Meh. This was so-so for me.

  38. Loved this! Grodd was so fucking bored, it was hilarious

  39. I want a footlong so bad now !

  40. Great issue!  I wish this had gotten another 2 parts to it instead of a one-shot.  Well done.

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