FLASH QUESTION: Will Deathstroke be able to find his treasure with Aquaman standing in his way?

Art and cover by JOE BENNETT and JOHN DELL

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  1. I’m going the distance with this one. Liked the first issue.

  2. @JNewcomb  Agree. I like a lot of the tie in books a bit more then I like the Flashpoint main. This one was solid.

  3. This was solid a Flashpoint tie in. Worth picking up.

  4. Two artists. Distracting but ultimately both pencilers are good. A good book overall.

  5. Bennett was the main draw for this mini, hopefully he manages a few pages in the next ish. That being said Tony Shasteen did a decent job.

  6. Well this my freinds is a good book with somehthing in it everyone can enjoy!!


  7. Another pleasant surprise in the FP tie-ins. Issue #1 of this was way better than I expected it to be (I was going to pass on it, glad I didn’t!). I’ll ride this series til it sinks. I did not expect that last page reveal – I thought it was someone else.


    Was that Jenny Quantum from the Authority? Made me think of her.

    Aquaman was a cruel bastard in this – he folded that one poor guy in half!

    Who’s the Ensign Morris chick with the big breasts? Does she correlate to anyone in the DCU?

    -1 star for no giant octopus in the issue, as shown on the cover. That woulda been badass.

  8. @kennyg  Blitz reminded me of Sparks from The Authority.

  9. @JNewcomb  Yeah, one or the other. That’s the only analogue I could think of for her.

    How’d she just turn up on a boat out in the ocean? I expected Black Manta or something.

  10. @kennyg  Not sure how she appeared. Here’s hoping we find out in issue three. She may have been that girl in the “cargo unit”.

    The narrative was a little unclear and I obliquely addressed that in my review.

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