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FLASH QUESTION: Will Central City’s greatest hero be able to stand against the Rogues?

Art and cover by SCOTT KOLINS

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  1. Liked the Rogue stuff last issue, I’ll see in the store if this turns my crank.

  2. Curious to see what happens to Wally

  3. This book was like when I lost my virginity. I’m not sure what happenned I think I’m pretty sure liked it.

  4. @JNewcomb: And there were dudes everywhere in costumes, and your sister was next door, and– sorry, I’ll end the analogy.

  5. “you ain’t knowin’ the Boom I bring” I’m using this line, next time I go to the toilet!
    Enjoying this mini.

  6. Very good mini indeed!!



  7. I thought the art in this was much better than Kolins other recent work. It was less “scratchy” if that makes sense. It looked less rushed. I particularly like the way he did Tarpit and Fallout. Still not my favorite artist, but an improvement.

    The writing, not so much. Things seem to happen for no reason. There’s no flow or pacing to the story. More later, I need to take another look at it for specifics…

  8. OK, so I read it again…


    On the page where Piper is running through the sewer, he comes across what appears to be Citizen Cold, who says “So I left you a present.” Then there’s an explosion. Who was that standing there? It looked like the dialogue might have been coming over a radio or something, but it was really unclear. Because on the next page, CC comes crashing up in a car. WTF?

  9. Chunk! I missed that guy. A fat guy who’s power is to eat stuff,

  10. @kennyg  It’s an ice sculpture.

  11. @cubsmodano  Ha!

  12. @JNewcomb  Seriously? That’s dumb.

  13. Scott Kolins really impressed me with this issue.  The new style looked really good here, I think part of it had to do with all of the great coloring, really bright and vibrant. 

  14. Gotta be honest not sure what that was either? Ice sculpture; WHHHHAAAAATT?

    Anyway, I am sure we will find out next issue and I will not let that silly little ending drive me of course. Just sayin,


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