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FLASH FACT! He loves someone he should not!

Art and cover by SCOTT KOLINS

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  1. Kolins art is alright and I don’t really know how he writes but since this is a Cold issue, I am in.

  2. I guess folks aren’t really feeling these tie ins too much according to the lack of comments…

  3. I would be all over this if Kolins wasn’t also writing it.

  4. Is Captain Cold’s forbidden love Kolins’s new art style? Zing!

  5. Dear Mister Kollins previous art style. I miss you very much. Please come back.

  6. @robbydzwonar:  Comments on books are down over all this week.  Everyone is busy looking and commenting on DC announcements.

  7. Hell Yeah! I absolutely love all these tie ins. MORE BUTTONS!!

  8. @ctosej:  Thats a big waste of time because all the announcements I heard were just Green Lantern and Batman getting reshuffled around…

  9. I went into this highly skeptical. I’m not a fan of Kollins’ new coloring and I had never read any of his scripts. The dialog came across awkward at first but by the end of the book my eyeballs were wide open and I was actually very intensely into this! Turned out to be a really cool book!

  10. This was pretty decent. Kolins seemed to be leaning towards his late great style. Points for effort. I’m always down for a Freeze/Cold fight. And I like how Flashpoint Freeze was the severed head version from Sub Zero and Beyond! Awesome.

    So lemme get this sraight. The first time I’ve seen my boy Wally in months (since Barry’s “intervention”), he’s driving a car that even Hartley Rathaway would find a little gay, and he’s the new PIPER?! WTF?

    And the hits just keep on comin. Ya know what, DC? Just leave Wally out of the reboot altogether. It’d be easier on my heart than having him pop up and get crapped on every once in a while.


    Still, I liked this one for the most part. This title’s a keeper.

  11. I have no problem with the writing but please keep Kolins’ art away from all things Flash related.

  12. I don’t have as much of an issue with the art – very readable. And the story was one of the best in Flashpoint so far!

  13. Kollin’s art used to be very hit-and-miss with me, but there’s something about it I really like now.

    Couldn’t buy into the idea of Citizen Cold being a good guy, although seems like they’re going with sorta the anti-hero approach in this.

  14. I found this to be very “meh” and I don’t know if I will be back for #2. I don’t like his art, but it was better here than the last couple of Flash issues he did. 3/5

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