Flash Gordon and his allies — the plucky Dale Arden and brilliant Dr. Hans Zarkov — move closer to a confrontation with the forces of Ming the Merciless. Amid the political and military machinations of Mongo, Gordon faces the ferocious Lion Men, the sinister Shark Men, and a band of rebels commanded by Prince Barin! And on Earth, Ziva places her sights on the ultimate target: Adolf Hitler.

Story by Eric Trautmann
Art by Daniel Indro
Cover by Alex Ross, Paul Renaud, & Francesco Francavilla

Price: $3.99
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Avg Rating: 3.4
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  1. Did this come out? My store didn’t have any.

    • My store said they didn’t think they got any. I thought I had it on my pull list. I’ll have to scramble to get a copy. I’ve been enjoying this – it’s a nice mix of the movie, the original story, and history that it’s something different. Anyone else had any thoughts?

    • Picked this up at another store. I thought it was good, the art was better than the last issue. 4/5

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