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BRIGHTEST DAY rushes forward! Now, make way for Hot Pursuit – the latest speedster to come out of the Speed Force! He’s here to make sure no one breaks the speed limit – hero or villain! And just wait until you see whose face is under Hot Pursuit’s helmet…

Written by GEOFF JOHNS
Art and cover by FRANCIS MANAPUL
Variant cover by SCOTT KOLINS

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 4.3
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  1. I think I remember Johns saying this arc would introduce a new character with a power that would give Flash a hard time in a unexpected way.

  2. I like how they put the cover to #10 on this issue so that we wouldn’t get a logo cover in 4 months and realize how slow this book is at coming out. It’s my only worry about Flashpoint.

  3. Loving this series, even though i’ve never read Flash. Can’t wait for this

  4. @Slockhart Flashpoint is by a differant artist, so the schedule should be more consistant. However, Kubert isn’t exactly known for being on time either, so I guess we will have to wait and see.

  5. Manapul can be late if he wants. Once they start the event, though, they need to make sure everything synchs up. Events are the only place I care about tardiness. And even then only if it is gratutitous or leads to out of order publishing.

  6. I wish there was more of this book. The slow speed of it’s release just drives me crazy cuz it’s so good.

  7. johns writing on the first arc was very disappointing. that ending really fell flat for me. this is probably the only book i buy just for the art. manapul’s pencils are beautiful. 

  8. I heard Kubert started drawing this last year to get a head start and avoid delays

  9. @Zeppo that isn’t surprising because since he went to DC in 2005 he really has not done much work. some batman work and a few issues of dc legacies. would not be surprised if he has a couple issues in the can.

  10. @huntersan182  I’m not so certain it’s the artist. When was the last time Green Lantern came out on time? Hopefully Brightest Day ending will let Johns focus on his ongoings.

  11. I hope Manapul is the actual artist (I don’t trust DC solicits anymore).

  12. @WadeWilson  He is.

  13. The Flash has been one of my favorits for so long. Story and art is just amazing. Best part about all of it is that every new issue is alive and kicking with excitement.

  14. i’m excited for Manapul..i was on the fence with this, but he seals the deal. I’m excited. 

  15. HE’S BAACCKK..

  16. you know, i used to think you were all crazy for liking manapul but;s he has really grown on me. i kind of like him now 

  17. This is one of my favorite DC books, great art and writing.

  18. @edward  is that because of Kolins? LOL

  19. @edward thought that too and still do, can’t follow the book while he’s drawing it, can’t wait to see Kubert take over.

  20. My favorite Flash artist so far is Kollins. I loved his Blackest Night Flash work. He’s changed his style though and I did not like his last issue of Flash (it was too Manapul-esque). So I’ve transferred Manapul to my favorite Flash artist slot. Manapul is better at doing Manapul than Kollins is.

  21. @Franktiger

    Kubert isn’t taking over, he’s doing the Flashpoint mini. 

  22. Nah, i think i just  started to apprecate what he does for what he does

  23. I love Manapul’s work for many reasons. He’s an expert draftsman but i really love his ink wash technique for ink and tone. He’s bringing something new and fresh to mainstream superhero comics which is just a breath of fresh air. Like Edward he grew on me over time. His superboy stuff was really nice as well. 

  24. @wallythegreenmonster  Agree with you on that to a T.

  25. Same here, the creators I like the most are always the ones doing their own thing and doing something unique, it’s a great indicator of true creativity and talent.

  26. I don’t get the kolins love, he’s okay, but I love Manapul. This issue was fantastic.

  27. Holy piss that was awesome. Did not see that one coming, i figured it was gonna be a nephew or maybe wally’s kid. damn that was good and the art was, i don’t know but his art just feels warm and vibrant.

  28. This was such a wonderful surprise this week. Loved it. 

  29. De-lightful. A fun, exciting start to a new arc with killer art by the always astonishing Manapul. Heartbreaking to see Barry distancing himself from his family, but exciting to know that it’s all leading up to Flashpoint! Maybe Barry is the catalyst for the event, trying to change the past?

  30. Great way to start the Flashpoint arc. My only gripe is that the issue was so good that it felt kind of short, I guess I really felt the loss of 2 pages on this one.

  31. @CaseyJustice  Yeah, I enjoy the dramatic tension of the foreboding world changing events coming but also, Barry’s family life being fragile. It makes the whole tone of the book feel more vulnerable.

  32. @JNewcomb  I’m really loving that barry’s family is involved too. i wanna see more of wally and bart in this book

  33. Manapul really stepped it up in this issue. I thought that his art began to suffer a little in the first arc, not that he was rushed or loosened up but I think that his new paint brush approach allowed him to experiment more, and here he is back to his more familiar style which just looks awesome.

    Oh and that last page totally got me.

  34. WOW! Cool new character!… Oh! Wait..

  35. I find I’m never blown away by johns’ writing as I’m reading his books. But after the fact when I’m thinking about his books, that’s when I really start to enjoy the books.

  36. That’s how I feel about a lot of his stories. I didn’t care for Adventure Comics, The Flash, or Superman: Secret Origin when I first read them but after a few months I absolutly fell in love.

  37. @JNewcomb – Vulnerable is a great word to describe the tone John’s is taking with Barry. Well done.

  38. @monkeypaw787  And that’s why I try not to judge a book right after I read it. I’ll wait some time and then re-read it. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by some writers and artists that way.

    @CaseyJustice  Thanks Casey.

  39. i like how the ad for milk on the back cover is basically the same as the image on the front

  40. @edward  nice, i didn’t even notice that

  41. Still not diggin on Manapul’s art so much, this was just average to me, just another “back from the future” story. Think it’s cool Barry’s a forensics expert, a la Dexter.

  42. I felt a little jipped by this issue.

    I enjoyed the art and the idea of the book, but it was way too short.  Didn’t feel like enough of an issue, but more of just a prelude to Flashpoint, almost like a teaser.

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