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The Golden Tree bears bitter fruit! The Blackhawks are after The Spirit. Doc Savage is after the Blackhawks. Anton Colossi is after William “Johnny” Littlejohn. And only Rima, the eyes of the jungle, knows what the heroes do not: something glorious and terrible has risen in the darkest corner of Hida’lgo!

Cover by J.G. JONES
Variant cover by TONY HARRIS

Price: $3.99
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rhan05/13/10YesRead Review
HuntresSThompson05/13/10NoRead Review
Avg Rating: 3.5
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  1. I’d be fine with no Batman in this. He wasn’t in issue one and it was fantastic, and he’s not even mentioned in this solicit

  2. The steaming pile of shit that was Doc Savage #1 actually has me rethinking this entire line.  I know that is completely unreasonable, but I just dont know…think positive…think positive

  3. 100 percent agree with alanrob….I just dont give a shit anymore

  4. Is that Batman’s leg hanging down?

  5. @Wade You mean the boot on his left? Pretty sure that belongs to Doc Savage.

  6. @AlanRob and drdeeeznutz I agree completely, but I am still going to pick up this issue. I will probably not get any of the other tie-ins except if they  have a Rima Jungle Girl one 😉

  7. the first issue did not hook me at all!  I re-read it to see if it was my fault that maybe I missed something, but that didn’t help.  I usually don’t drop something just after one issue, but in this case, that’s whats happening.  Batman or no Batman, I’m out.

    I do still plan on trying the Spirit though.

  8. I think this idea was pretty poorly conceived. By updating these characters with tech and such but maintaining a "Pulp" era look it creates a product that few seem happy with. IMO rather than trying to bring these characters to new fans at $3.99 they should have targeted the purists, both of us.

  9. This wasn’t nearly as good as the first issue. I think it’s already suffering from having way to
    many characters and where the first issue was devoid of Azzarello’s usually double speak, this was cluttered with it.

  10. Yeah, I’m already bored with this. Probably dropped.

  11. what the fuck was this it made no sense.


  12. I agree, this is not making a lot of sense. The characterization is good, the dialogue is good, but it’s not gelling plot-wise. I really want to like this, and I am interested, but I don’t get it. Maybe I need to wait for it to tie together.

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