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DC’s shocking new pulp universe is finally unveiled! In the shadows of the War, the roots of the Golden Tree cabal grew deep into the heart of a fallen world… and the leaders at the heart of this secret organization see no place in their utopia for heroism. Doc Savage, struggling with the loss of his father, has been blind to their advance – until now. Central City’s mysterious Spirit has caught wind of their plans as well. But whose side have the Blackhawks chosen? What is the Red Right Hand? And where is the Batman? Eisner Award winner Brian Azzarello (100 BULLETS, JOKER) and superstar Rags Morales (IDENTITY CRISIS) craft a DC universe like you’ve never seen before! It’s a world with no supermen, only mortal men… Death can come at any moment, and adventure can still be found at every corner of the map! Will Doc Savage be the first to lead the coming world or the last to be crushed under its heel?

Cover by J.G. JONES
Variant Cover by NEAL ADAMS

Price: $3.99
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Avg Rating: 3.9
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  1. Heard the Doc Savage/Batman book was phenominal.  I’m picking this one up to see what all the hype is.  Hadn’t heard of Doc Savage until a few weeks ago.

  2. Yeah, this is a must pull for me.

  3. This looks gooooooooooood!  So good.  Just hope I’m not bitterly disappointed due to my exceedlingly high expectations.

  4. I think I shall trade wait on this one.

  5. Brian Azzarello? Awesome. i can’t wait for a story which is really confusing

  6. When will J.G. Jones go back to doing interiors?

  7. I thought it would be in black and white from those preview pages. I would’ve liked that.

  8. THis is the most excited about a book I’ve been in months….

  9. I’ve been looking forward to this since it was announced.  I’m so bummed that DC couldn’t get the rights to The Shadow.  He would have been such a great addition to this line up

  10. This was so annoying in the back of every DC comic 

  11. @Psychomt: Howso?

  12. @ mrmccoy81 Agreed..The Shadow would is boss

  13. The Neal adams variant was hard to pass up but the regular cover was significantly cheaper. Still from the preview the Adams cover is tempting. I’m probably going to go order the Adam’s variant as soon as I am done typing this.

    Pretty excited, the preview was promising. Loved the writing on the Batman/Doc Savage Special.

    Not sure who has The Shadow right now but that would be very nice.

    If I had my wish the Cowboy on a motorcycle Vigilante and Wildcat would be involved.

    Can you inagine Ted Grant playing off these characters?

  14. My excitement level for this book has exceeded 9,000, but does anybody get the feeling that this is just DC’s version of the marvel project?

  15. After many tries, I just don’t like Azzarello’s stuff. However, the preview art looked so fantastic that I will give it a shot. I am always rooting for a creator I’ve gone cold on to wow me, so maybe  that’ll be the case here. Is that art black and white, or was that just for the preview? I hope it’s black and white.

  16. Doc, The Spirit, and Batman on one cover? How could anyone pass this up??

  17. @viceversa

    They are nothing alike. This isn’t even DCU. 

  18. @viceversa since none (except for Batman) are ‘technically’ DC characters…. no not at all.  I’m trying hard to think of how those books are the same but I can’t come up with one thing. 

  19. I did not care for the preview, but I love the idea of reading this along with Geoff Johns and Jim Lee! They are doing a read along over on Twitter!

  20. This wasn’t bad – and the art was fantastic – but I just wasn’t interested. 3/5 for me. I think I mustn’t like Azzarello’s style because this is about 10th thing I’ve read by him that I stopped after short increments.

  21. Really fucking cool story.  This is one of those times when you’re glad you picked up a book on a whim.

  22. agreed with vada

  23. Art was amazing but I found the story pretty boring,,kept waiting for batman to pop in..first issue are all set up so hopefully it will pick up,,3/5

  24. Like a few other people I picked this up on a whim. And Im glad I did

    ive been dabbleing in DC a lot more lately, and this seemed like it might be a good time. Ive heard about Dac Savage since I was a kid and really wanted to read something with him in it.  Super Science is fun.  Also, Ive been interested in the Blackhawks since I first saw the animated Next Frontier movie.Cant wait for more!

  25. The art was awesome, but the story was kinda … slow. I liked it, but I would have like a bit more action & I don’t mean literally, I mean story-wise, I would have liked more to happen. Still, I will be looking forward to reading more & seeing another version of Batman … who was on the cover … & not in the book.

  26. Slow start, Batman wasn’t in it despite the cover. Will stay with it as it has drawn me in somewhat

  27. Was I the only one happy Batman didnt show up in this?

  28. I’m impressed they didn’t jump straight to exploiting Batman in this issue.

  29. I’m also of the mind that the absence of Batman was good for me. It also fits in that he’s not an established hero yet, unlike Doc and The Spirit.

  30. I have no problem with not having Batman in the first issue, I just have a problem with ANY character being put on a cover of an book they are not in. Especially when it’s a huge character that WILL sell issues. It’s false advertising.

  31. @Wade But he will be in the miniseries. If they don’t put him on the first cover, then people won’t think he’s in the series and won’t try out the first issue. If he doesn’t show up in the next 6 issues, that would be false advertising.

  32. Meh.  Well that will learn me for setting my expectations too high.  Will give it another swing next month.

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