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  1. Anyone who enjoys classic Firestorm, new Blue Beetle, Invincible, or Ultimate Spider-Man might want to give this a shot. Definitely fun stuff it follows their previous work with this character.

  2. I think this series definetely has a lot of potential. The mini series was a lot of fun. Like Dynamo 5, like invinvible, just plain fun comics. Check this one out, folks.

  3. Back by popular demand?  I didn’t know this guy existed until Dynamo 5 annual.  Is there a trade of his old stuff?

  4. Yes there’s 2 trades first one is only $6.99 check it out at the ifanboy store

  5. Yes there’s 2 trades first one is only $6.99 check it out at the ifanboy store

  6. So I was unfamiliar with Firebreather before listening to the podcast.  Let me first off say thanks guys.  This was a fabulous read.


    I’d give the story a 4 and the art a 5.


    This is reminiscent of Strange Girl (love Remender), Hell Boy (Mignola), and Invincible (Kirkman rocks.)


    The art was beautiful and the story and charactarizations were tight, engaging and well drawn.  I can’t wait for #2. 

  7. Im so excitied about this book. Loved the mini series and the one shot. This book is a answer to a pray. Hopefully it will catch on and be around awhile. Best of wishes to the creators and keep up the good work.

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