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  1. I almost don’t even care anymore.

  2. This has been better than the main FC book (IMO). Does anyone know if we should read this before or after FC #7?

  3. @wade… I realy dont know when this happens. in this story shes with cris in gotham, in Final Crisis she is off with checkmate, but in resist only mr terriffic and taleb is the only people left in checkmate.  continuity is pretty much screwed up and he morrisson covers it saying darkseid death screwed up time and space. Im still trying to figure out how legion of three worlds fit

  4. @cyberauron — You’re right about continuity being all over the place with the FC books, but like you said, they have a built in excuse for none of it connecting up with the "time folding in on itself" stuff.

  5. @Wade

    I think I’m going to read this one first. Usually I go with the rule of reading the main book first, but since FC 7 is the last issue my hope is that it should tie everything up, so this issue shouldn’t really give anything away…hopefully.

  6. Woot woot.

  7. I would say, due to a minor appearance by two main characters in this book, you should read it before FC #7.

    Good story over all and a nice play on the DC God Mythos – and that’s coming from an atheist! I thought it was well done, and, I thought the ending was appropriate to everything Rucka has written before. His little Batwoman-Question-Spectre arc should all be collected together one day. 

  8. I thought this series stumbled a bit at the end, but overall I really enjoyed the story and the art.  I’ve had a hard time seeing how this played any part in Final Crisis though.  It read like the conclusion of the natural story arc Greg Rucka had been working on for the Question all along, with some Darkseid zombies thrown in for good measure.  In terms of the overall event, I actually felt that Montoya’s arc here is contrary to the way she appears in Final Crisis.  But if you read this series on it’s own merits then it can be worthwhile. 

  9. I liked this series a lot! Great ending, too.

    Best line of the book — "no question."

  10. @wadewilson best surprise ending. Never saw that coming… one problem is what happenned to caine/savage

  11. I think Rucka did a really good job on this series.   The way he tied the DC mythology into the Bible was really beautiful.  I love the introduction of Hope’s Yin to the Spectre’s Yang.  The ending was actually very well written and I’m surprised at how little love it’s gotten.  The art probably hurt it.  I just don’t think it’s very clear what is happening in many of the panels. 

  12. @cyberauron — What didn’t you like about how Savage ended up? Did you think he deserved to die?

    @Crippler — I’m surprised too. This was the best thing to come out of Final Crisis (IMO). Well, Requiem was pretty awesome too. 

  13. @wade not realy. i was just wondering is if hes caine or is he vandal or a strange hybrid

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