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  1. Love Prime

  2. Yay! Now we only have to wait until July or August to get the last issue! Awesome!

  3. wow i completely forgot i was reading this still…

  4. Its about time! Final Crisis Aftermath: DC gets a book out on time

  5. I got an early look at this… I think it’s going to make a lot of people happy.

  6. @conor good to know

  7. bloody hell..finally !!

  8. I have no idea what’s happening in this book…and I love it. Choc full of so much awesomeness for any D.C. continuity cravers. Like Crisis on Infinite Earths without all the exposition (which is good) but no Pycho Pirate (bad). A must for the hardcores who love to have they’re minds blown and perceptions expanded. Keep watching the ski’s!

  9. This issue was awesome. Lots of shocks & surprises. This book just keeps getting better & better!

  10. Two big reveals. The book keeps your guessing.

  11. Wow….that was pretty freaking great.  Geoff Johns can really weave a tale that complex and make feel convoluted.  The only thing that could make this better is if Morrison’s Gold Superman comes out of the sun to save the day.  Fangasmic.

  12. Who won’t geoff johns bring back from the dead? This makes me excited for adventure comics.

  13. Wow… just wow. Splendid comic. My mind was blown after issue 3! I can’t believe this. I really… wow. And I was never that big of a fan of the character until IC, but seeing him there… I had a huge smile on my face. Adventure Comics, here I come. This series has made me a Legion fan. It finally clicked with me. And if this character and Kid Flash are gonna be on the LSH (I hope so, to give Bart some new ground to trek) man…

    And for this wonderful art, this book could be delayed until the 31st century and I wouldn’t care. Really cool twist at the end, one I never would have expected, though it seems a little obvious now. Geez… wow. Pick of the week for sure. Thank you Geoff and George. 

  14. Does this mean we can get back to a Teen Titans book with some characters that matter? I know a good writer should be able to do great things no matter the roster, but these two ressurections going back to the team couldn’t hurt.

    And TWO ressurections in one series? Thank you Mr. Johns. I do wonder though, how much more impact this book could have had on the overall DCU if it had consistently come out on time.

  15. This was awesome! now Two of my favourite characters are back! And some kinda messed up reveal! HOLY COW! LOL Awesome issue! Pick of the Week!

  16. This was incredible. When I turned the page to the Connor Kent busting Superboy Prime in the face, I just stared at it with my jaw dropped for a few minutes. I wish this came out on time, but it is worth the wait.

  17. i kind of love polar boy.

  18. So I guess that makes one less Black Lantern?

  19. In looking back, I think DC would have been better off using this story as the back bone for Final Crisis.  Looks like they bet on the wrong horse.  Look forward to seeing Connor in Adventure Comics.

  20. WOOOOOOWW!!!!!

  21. I’m probably way late in this revelation, but will Pa Kent be a Black Lantern?  I couldn’t help thinking this while reading LO3W #4. 

    This book was sooooo worth the wait, and I really want to know if Geoff Johns can write everything from now on?  What a fantastic book this was!  It almost made all the money I spent on the main Final Crisis title worth it!  🙂  I’m a little moist after this read… in a good way.

  22. i got chills at the double page spread…hell yea.  welcome back to the land of the living, you two.  we’ve missed you

  23. I wasn’t going to buy this, since I havn’t read any of them before wednesday…I went out and found them all and it took some doing. I do have to say this is one of the best stories going and is doing resurrection perfectly. Bring back dead characters in this fashion with great action and story and I’m 100% for it. 

    He can also take as long as he needs to make the book perfect. For this quality I’ll wait. 

  24. This was definatley worth the wait! The ending was a suprise to me. Can’t wait to see how this all ends.

  25. Was out of town and just got the last few weeks of books yesterday. And wow. This was one of the best books I’ve read in a long time. And I will say that it’s a damn good thing it was this good considering the lag time between issues. In this case, it was totally worth the wait. Between all the surprises Johns threw in and the fact that it’s got both of the Legions I actually care about in it (the original version and the 90s version…I never got into the new one), I’m pretty thrilled

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