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  1. Someone please tell me that after this series we’ll have some hope of a new legion monthly with an actual direction. Shooter may have been great at 13 when he orginally wrote the series but his latest efforts have just been sub-par.

    I would be just fine if Geoff dropped JSA to write a legion ongoing. Oh who am I kidding, he can handle another book right? He only has 1 or 2 or…um…I’ll get back to you when I get my shoes off and can finish counting.

  2. I had to drop this because I can’t get into the Legion.  Not because it was bad, I liked actually, but I’ve had to make cuts and other books interest me more.

  3. I’m certain Geoff will leave this in an interesting place, it’s just a question of what they do next. The people who assembled the Titans team are still running the show over there though so…

  4. I really hope something happens in this issue and that there are no more lines like Superman essentially saying they are going to "reform" superboy prime in issue 1.  I want to see Prime pound on him when he tries some reverse psychology.  If this is as boring (in my opinion) as Jimmy Olsen giving a tour of the Superman Museum, I won’t be buying issue 3.

  5. Ladies and gentleman it is my belief that Mr Geoff Johns will attempt the imposible and try to retcon all three legions into one legion and superboy prime is his tool to kill the ones je does not like.

  6. @cyberauron: In Johns I trust.

  7. @cyberauron That would work. It may not be the best story, but it would certainly work. A sort of Crisis on Infinite Earths for Legion books. I’m not sure how much I would like all these legion characters from different worlds together for a series. I will have to wait a few issues to decide wether or not I want you to right on that prediction. Either way, I’d be impressed if you just called the whole series.

  8. I like this series more than the main Final Crisis book … but, I think I like all the tie-ins better than the main book, except for the Superman Beyond (comprehension?) book.

  9. Wow that was a lot of characters.  I have never ever read a legion book other than some teen titan crossover stuff and the last Legion/superman book Johns did so yeah… I had no clue who 90% of these characters were.  But even with that I thought this book was pretty damn good.  Really digging the GL stuff in here as well.  Great stuff.

  10. That’s gorgeous cover work!

  11. This is a beautiful book.  I do loathe this bleeding heart Superman though.

  12. Yeah man, lets give him some guns and a black costume and let him beat the heck out of the kid!!1! 

     … Superman, big blue, the boy scout! Look up bleeding heart in the dictionary, theres sure to be a pic of our spit-curled hero in there somewhere.

    And anyway, isn’t it Robinson that’s writing Superman-the-jerk over in Supes? (I kid, I like Robinson’s take) So far, this series has been utter dinner for me, I love it. I’m become severly impressed by the threads Johns has been dropping in all his books, it’s incredibly satisfying.

  13. I think Supes can be "big blue, the boy scout" and still be less sappy than he has been in this book (look at the Supes in the most recent Action arc for an example of a non-sappy, yet "true blue" superman).  My question is: Why is he even in the book?  So far, he seems entirely superfluous.  Just like he was in "The Death of the New Gods".

  14. Awesome issue. I didn’t always know the logistics of what was going on–and I sure as heck wasn’t familiar with many of the characters–but it was really exciting and awesome. I’ve never read a Legion comic (before issue #1 of this), but I’m totally accepting of the fact that I won’t know everything I’m being presented with. Everyone has to start somewhere, and even if I never read these characters again after this story, I’ll’ve had a great time. With Perez’s artwork, this series is so much fun. I feel like I’m eight years old and reading a new comic series for the first time, and it’s a story where the whole universe is at stake.

  15. this issue was so dense with good material, I haven’t read a book with this much action and characterization in one issue in a long time.  My POTW definitely. 

  16. @ charlieblix "in Johns we trust" that needs to be on a shirt.


    like alot of other people on here, i haven’t ever read a legion book and didn’t hardly know who anyone was, but i still loved it and am so interested in what will happen next. that is why johns is so great.


    hey sodam, sweet mohawk.

  17. As a Legion fan of over 30 years this was so f-ing good. I hope the direction of the team stands clear when the mini is over. I wouldn’t mind an integration of the characters; after all it is Legion and there SHOULD be 30+ characters to keep track of. (I can’t stand the whiners saying "too many" of "don’t know who that is": I learned them all by reading it monthly in the 70s and I was like 7 with no internet to help!)

    Best panel this month: White Witch telling Blok he was always her rock. Loved it!!!

    Long live the Legion!

  18. i like how Johns has basically just written superboy-prime as the ultimate whiny fanboy. it was a fun read with to long wait from the last issue, hopefully the next one will come out sooner.

  19. Cannot believe Josh, Connor, and Ron did not find this book incredible!!! From start to finish this is one of the best books out there!!! The series is not even over yet, and I am hoping they do the Absolute treatement on this one!!

  20. This was a bit too dense & complicated for me. Awesome art & probably a good story if I could keep up with it, but there is just too much going on, with too many characters I don’t know, for me to enjoy this very much.

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