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  1. The final issue.  I am eager to see how they end this.  I sincerely hope the Human Flame goes down in the most horrifyingly unsettling fashion possible.

  2. @stuclach i completely agree. This book has been an awesome ride but if it ends with him as a super power villain i will be upset. 

  3. @rift1128 – If they end it that way, I will be very upset.  He should be, and this series has played him as, a joke.  As I said in my review of the last issue: The Human Flame is the Carl (from ATHF) of the DCU.

  4. i see him more as the ron jeremy of the DCU.

  5. I’ve enjoyed this series more then I should have and now I want to see the Human Flame get nasticized by Clayface. 

  6. I was actually hoping they would do something with the guy.  He is a great villian.

  7. That was still fun, but not as much fun as the first few issues.  The Human Flame was still incredibly irritating (as he is intended to be), but the humor didn’t work quite as well. 

    @Robbydzwonar – SPOILER: I don’t think either of us are exceptionally happy with the finish.  No impressive death, but not likely to be used in the future. Lose, Lose.

  8. @stuclach: My store didn’t even have it.  Oh well, if it was a stinky ending as Incognito #6, I don’t even want it.

  9. @robby – I don’t think it was awful, but it wasn’t as solid as the previous 5 issues.

  10. I enjoyed it.

  11. Weak finish on this book. 

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