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  1. I hope this is slightly less violent and that Mike’s power levels are toned down.  I have enjoyed this mini, but didn’t want/expect them to make The Human Flame into a legit power.  In my opinion he should stay a joke (or die horribly).

  2. I’ve enjoyed this series quite a bit.  I’m also quite sure that we won’t have to worry about the human flame becoming a ‘legit power’.  Unless, of course you mean he becomes 2 Legit or even 2 Legit 2 Quit.  That is indeed a possibility. 

  3. I’m loving this series.  I hope they give Human Flame his own title soon!  If he doesn’t die in issue #6…

  4. @Crippler – Heyyyy, heyyyyy.

    True story: One of my friend in high school (his name was Brian) genuinely thought Hammer was saying 2 Intelligent 2 Quit and he sang it that way….in front of some ladies.  Needless to say, he has yet to live it down. He also misspelled his own name while writing on the board in front of a full class and mistakenly thought Alaska was a country.  He is now a college graduate working as an analyst for American Express.  (I fear for American Express.)

  5. …so what do you guys think is going to happen to Human Flame?  You think he is going to die?  I hope not.  He might be a dick, but he makes for some seriously entertaining comic book stories!  Well this story is great anyway.  I’m routing to see more stuff from him in the future.  I think he should join Secret Six with Catman & Deadshot.  I think Bane and Scandal Savage are about to leave the team anyway.  They’ll need more members soon.  Human Flame would be the man for the job.

  6. @robbydzwonar – I don’t know what is going to happen with him, but if they make him into a serious character I will be very disappointed.  I loved the fact that he was a pitiful jerk at the start of this series and want to see him return to that status.

  7. I just realized that I like this book because The Human Flame is a supervillian version of Carl from Aqua Teen Hunger Force.  I list the specific similarities in my review.

  8. I liked it but felt like it was the weakest issue so far. If there was a 3.5 i would but for now a 3/5 will do. The art was more inconsistent in this issue. 

  9. One detail I liked: John Stewart’s green enery constructs are usually very detailed, complicated machines (at least in the GL/GLC books). When the Human Flame goads him about the Martian Manhunter’s death, he doesn’t just hit him with a big green fist….it’s a big green first with knuckle-dusters! Take that and count your teeth, punk! 

  10. Yeah, I did state in my review that this issue definitely felt the most rushed out of the whole batch.  It was still above decent regardless, in its own stupd way.  I can’t wait to read the whole stack over again the nite before #6 comes out.

  11. I thought this issue was more excited then the last couple.

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