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  1. I hope the drunk lowman on the cover joins the super young team. that would be awesome!

  2. I cant believe the lack of response to this book 118 pulls and nothing to say on this book?…

    I thought it was another great issue but I just love this book. There is so much social commentary packed into this and maybe a lot of it is going over readers heads, maybe.

    This book is so much fun and the story is progressing really nicely. I love the concept, I love the Battle of the plants feel it has and I love the ChrisCross art.


  3. Eh, I liked the first few issues, but the last two have left me cold. I get the social commentary, but I don’t think there’s been as much of it in the last few issues, and the commentary there has been hasn’t been as original or interesting as in issues one and two. Hopefully the series turns around for the ending, because I really liked it at first.

  4. I always liked the color green.

  5. I really haven’t liked this book since the first issue, but this one was really a step up in my opinion.

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