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  1. You know what… I’m caking the executive decision… DROPPED! Ba-BAM!

  2. @prxjarvin: this is on the verge of being dropped for me too. the first one was okay, but i am looking to drop some books and i think this is getting the axe.

  3. … there even danceing involved? Any Joy Division? LCD Soundsystem?

  4. There was definitely dancing involved in the first issue.

  5. I really want to keep reading this, but the first issue was just boring.  I’ll wait to see if the trade is worth picking up.

  6. Yeah they still haven’t really given me a reason to care about these characters. And as far as them saving the world in FC, weren’t they just kind of along for the ride while Mr. Miracle and Sunny Sumo did all the work?

  7. This issue took a big step back in quality from #1, due in large part to the absence of Chris Cross on art.  If #2 had come out as issue #1, I wouldn’t have picked up #3.  

  8. Sorry, I meant, "I wouldn’t have picked up #2." 

  9. I thought this issue was GREAT! I’ll admit the art wasn’t as good and I was a little disappointed at first, but the art was very good in places.

     As for the story, I’m loving it! I was a big fan of the team in Final Crisis and now we are getting to see the personalities develop which is great.

    Maybe it’s just me but they remind me of Battle of the planets, which I adored. Can’t wait for the next issue.

  10. @shaunbat – I too can see that BOTP connection. I enjoyed the HELL out of this issue. The throwaway Starro joke had me giggling. I would like to see ChrisCross come back though.

  11. What do we think will happen to The Super Young Team after this book? I would love to see more of them in the future.

     They are Grant Morissions creation aren’t they? Maybe he would write a mini series? 

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